FOTD - Death Rock

Yesterday evening, I settled down and started watching Under Blue Lights videos on Youtube. After watching a few of her incredible videos, I felt inspired to have a go myself, though I didn't come close to her level of awesomeness!

The light was dying since it was late in the evening and therefore photos were pretty horrific. Layering images hides a multitude of awful image quality, though you can't see the make-up as clearly. Ah well, you get the idea of it! I felt like a death rock bride of Frankenstein!

PRODUCTS - Stargazer white liquid foundation, No.7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation, baby powder, Illamasqua sealing gel, Fyrinnae 'Harlequin', Detrivore 'Spoiled', Sleek matte black, Collection 2000 eyeliner, Stargazer black glitter.
It's been a while since I did an 'out there' looks, so it made for a nice change!
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  1. Those look great, would love to see a clear pic of the look too though xx

  2. This is so freakin' awesome! I really really like it!

    xo Deja
    -Deja Zu-

  3. I love the exaggerated black shadow framed by the pink.

  4. These look so amazing! I would love to see more posts like this:) Just, Wow! xx

  5. These shots look really great!!

  6. I love her as well! Awesome shots, really cool, very Illamasqua!

  7. Those photos are really badass! I love it!

  8. Beautiful artistic shots and love the makeup. They look like they could belong in a high quality campaign ad!

  9. Thats just pretty dam awesome! :D

  10. @ Lori, thanks! Yeah it's a shame none of the full face pics were salvageable, really.

    @ Beauty Fiend, thanks!

    @ Deja, thank you!

    @ Phyrra, ta! I quite liked having a big, bold shape around the eyes.

    @ Aisling, thank you! Hopefully I'll have some more creative looks soon :)

    @ Jess, thanks!

    @ Liza, aint she amazing? Thanks! I love Illamasqua so it's a big compliment that these made you think of them!

    @ Jane, thanks!

    @ Ashleigh, aw, thank you :)

    @ xSafarE, thanks :D

  11. These pictures all look so stunning, just beautiful. You are a very talented lady! x


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