FOTD - Calavera Cupcakes

A few days ago I spotted Fyrinnae 'Calavera Cupcakes' sitting, unused since purchase, in my eyeshadow drawer. I'll admit, I wasn't exactly blown away by it when I first swatched it so I've been more or less ignoring it! I figured I'd give it a go today...

EYES - TFSI, Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue', Fyrinnae 'Calavera Cupcakes', Fyrinnae 'Superstar', Darling Girl 'Obviously a Wig', Mad Minerals 'Camisole', Madd Style 'Plan 9', MUA 'Shade 12', Illamasqua sealing gel, Sleek white, cream and black eyeshadows, Collection 2000 pencil eyeliner, mascara.

FACE - No.7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation, Natural Collection 'Shine Away' foundation (this stuff is crap but fine for mixing with other foundations), Collection 2000 concealer, Collection 2000 powder, Detrivore 'Spoiled' blush.

LIPS - MAC 'Creme d'Nude', Beauty UK 'Sweet 16' gloss.

I'm still not sold. 'Calvera Cupcakes' is staying firmly in the 'meh' category for me! It's pretty but not very interesting or bold. This reminds me that I haven't swatched my last Fyrinnae haul, which arrived AGES ago. Keep an eye out for that, because I received some very non-meh shades, too :) In the mean time, check out some cupcakes I am definitely a fan of!
Despite the promise of death and Hell, these are the salted chocolate cupcakes I made using the recipe on Lipglossiping. They're delicious! Plus, how pretty is my cake platter?! Mum was going to give it to me for my 21st, but she got too excited and gave it to me early!

What's your most dramatic silver eyeshadow? Favourite Fyrinnae eyeshadow? Tastiest cupcake recipe? Let me know!
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  1. awww i love this look! super cute:)

  2. oh wow, that look is gorgeous and i wish i was as talented with a brush as you :)

  3. LOving th makeup swetty! and those cupcakes!!! yumyyyyy

  4. Oh wow! This post should come with a warning 'Caution this post may seriously damage your diet!' I love your creative eye looks I'm always experimenting too.

  5. This is so gorgeous.I love your double nose piercing! xx

  6. Can't wait for the Fyrinnae swatch post!

    Good Morning Angel.

  7. I really like this look! Wish I was able to do my eyes like that haha:) My favourite cupcakes are chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes i got a recipe for online,they were amazingggg :) xx

  8. I think your look turned out lovely. And man, I want those cupcakes!

  9. @ ChannelHMC, thanks!

    @ SiSi Sparkles, thank you :)

    @ missyb29, thank you, keep practising and you can do whatever you fancy!

    @ Sue, thanks!

    @ All Things Pretty, haha, I'll keep that in mind in future :P

    @ Abbi, thanks! I'd like to get some new studs for them soon :)

    @ Elisa, thanks!

    @ L.Figment, it's up right now!

    @ aisling, just practise and you could :) Ooh those sound awesome! I'll have to try to find the recipe.

    @ Phyrra, thanks :) definitely make them if you can!


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