August Jolie Box

With August being the month of Summer holidays, music festivals and outdoor events (I wish, where is the sunshine?!) this month, the Jolie team compiled products to keep us looking and feeling great while we're busy having fun!

This month's box has been designed by Timai Hua, with party ring shades of pastel and muted greens. I love keeping my Jolie boxes to store things in and I think this would be perfect for keeping perfume samples tidy.

So Susan 'Wide Awake Face Palette' - Cream highlighter and illuminator, plus three shades meant as 'brow fillers, tweezers and a brush. I like the idea of this, but the eyebrow shades are truly bizarre. Maroon-plum, bronze and a brown with green duochrome?! All shimmery, too. Still, they'd make nice eyeshadows!

 So Susan 'Lip Cushion' - Pink, solid gloss with lots of tiny glitter flecks. It's a really beautiful shade and I adore all things shimmery, plus it smells gorgeous! The packaging is a bit naff and very excessive, but the little pot is ideal to chuck in your handbag.

 Joliebox Leather Hair Styling Lace - This looks very boho, yet chic, don't you agree? The red shade is ideal for Autumn/ Winter. Being a veggie, I wouldn't wear this if it were real leather - I tweeted the Jolie team to ask and they reassured me that it's faux leather.

 Phil Smith 'Dry Clean Revitalising Shampoo' - Who doesn't like a dry shampoo?! I go through them like no tomorrow and I know many other women do, too.
Dr. Bronners 'Pure Castile Sopa Pillows - Apparently these have 18 uses, from a general handwash to house work. These would be ace to take if you're going camping since you can use them for so many things!

I had very mixed thoughts on this box.
1. Why include make-up that looks like it was designed for 10 year old girls in a box which usually holds high end skin care samples/ products? 
2. If the hair wrap had been actual leather, the only products I'd have used would be soap and dry shampoo...I wouldn't be happy with that had I paid for this!
3. The box itself is really pretty (you know I'm a sucker for packaging).
4. It was very thoughtfully compiled and most teenage girl would love it...but are young teens Jolie's target market? Hmm.
5. Customer service was excellent when I asked about the hair wrap.

What do you think? Let me know! Jolie Boxes are available from the Jolie Box website for £10 plus p&p.

Received for PR purposes. Opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!

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  1. I agree those are rather odd eyebrow colours. Are they soft enough to be shadows? Overall the box is pretty nice - I still think I'd rather keep my 13 quid and buy one or two products that I actually want. Great review and pictures. :-)

  2. I think that this box is really nice and there is a few things that I would like. However, it can be very hit and miss with the products sometimes xxx

  3. I don't love the make up, but very happy with every thing else! xx

  4. @ Powdered Almond, I think they'll be ok for eyeshadows. I agree, it's nice getting some random products you wouldn't usually pick sometimes, though!

    @ Faye_Oliviaa, agreed!

    @ Sian, same, really :)

    @ Uti, it is indeed!


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