REVIEW: Solstice Scents

Since the beginning of the year, I've been getting more and more into perfumes and scents in general. I've gone from owning ONE actual perfume I never wore to having a box full of samples and a wishlist as long as my arm! After numerous recommendations, I decided to place a little sample order with indie perfume makers, Solstice Scents...

 The site is super easy to navigate, with everything down the left side column. The perfumes are split into sections according to their type, which makes it simple to find some scents you'll like. With each order you can choose a free perfume samples - first time orders can choose two. My order was shipped within two days - mega fast!

 My choices were 'Chiffon', 'Nightgown', 'Astral Temple', 'Conjure' and 'Cherry Vanilla Ambrosia' samples. I'm not entirely sure about the exact sample size, since I can't find it on their site, but it's about average. There's enough product to try the scent a good few time and get a decent idea of it.

 Solstice Scents perfumes soak into the skin quickly - which is a huge advantage of oils over solid scents, which can sit heavy on the skin and make it feel greasy. I also *think* I prefer them to traditional perfumes, since they don't get into the air and annoy those around you (although maybe it's just me who gets irked by women dousing themselves in perfume out in public?!)

 The scents themselves are all very different, but very beautiful. You can tell that whoever blends these really knows their stuff! Both the richer, heavier scents and lighter scents smell equally amazing. I wont go into each scent individually, since perfumes smell different on each person and scents are subjective - but I will say that if you enjoy a lovely perfume, you'll enjoy Solstice Scents!

 Also - the branding of the company is gorgeous, just look at the imagery on the cards and book mark!

Overall, a fantastic company with a clear image and fabulous products. I'd really recommend checking them out if you're on the look out for a special scent. Solstice Scents' Summer collection is out later today - keep an eye out because they sound awesome!

Various sample packages are available here. Full size perfume oil prices vary.

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  1. Yeah the branding really are special, amlost fairytale-like!! And i love sample perfumes, becuase sometimes you can blend two and get a very special perfume together, and if one of them doeasn't appeal you at all, you don't have to think about using up 30 ml of something you dislike!! ;)

  2. Ooh ooh ooh, can you tell I'm excited?! I'd been looking for another indie perfume supplier since The Morbid The Merrier closed down and this looks just the ticket. xo

  3. These look just as magical as they sound, like eye graffiti said they look fairytale like :) thanks for sharing I may have to get some x

  4. Yay! I'm a HUGE fan of solstice scents! Chiffon is one of my faves :)

  5. I've got perfumes up to my eyeballs at the moment but I still want to try MOAR! I love the branding, it reminds me a little of the old Illamasqua black and white illustrations that had a fairy on.

  6. After reading this review, I immediately hopped over to their site to browse and place an order. In their comments section I let them know that this is where I heard of them, and got a little personalized email in return!

    "Hi Jon, [my name is actually Shanna, but it has my dads name on the billing statement haha]

    thank you so much for trying our shop! I appreciate you letting me know how you found us. I just saw that awesome article the other day. :) We will ship your samples on Monday and I hope you find some winners!

    Have a great weekend,

    It's little touches like this that make me love a company, even before having tried their products <3 thanks for reviewing them and letting us know about such an awesome company!

  7. @ EyeGraffiti, I think it's the branding that sealed the deal for me - I'm a sucker for nice images etc haha :) Yes! I love mixing perfumes too! I think I'll get some straight up one note fragrance oils for this purpose, too.

    @ Leah, Solstice would certainly make a decent replacement! I hope TMTM start refunding everyone who ordered after they announced they were closing...myself included!

    @ Law, they're well worth a try :)

    @ The Peach, 'Chiffon' is my fave of the bunch! It's just lovely!

    @ Robyn, oooh oh aye! I know the image you're thinking of :)

    @ Shanna, aw that's so lovely (both of you and of Angela for replying.) They're known for having excellent customer service and products to match :) Let me know how you get on with your perfumes!

  8. jeannette@smell
    I have to agree with Robin, I too have have perfume up to my eyeballs but I am always in quest for new scents. I will try to order a few samples from them via facebook.
    Thanks for the sharing.


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