REVIEW: I&K Clip In Human Hair Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions are an easy, versatile, way to change up your hair style without any commitment to special products, long winded, confusing techniques or the need to book in at the hair dressers. All you need to do is clip 'em in, style them a bit and go - simple! I'm a very fussy with hair pieces since I became qualified in wig making (including extensions) in college - so these I&K extensions were under the ultimate scrutiny...Would they match my high standards?
I&K extensions come attached to a board in a clear, protective wallet, as most lengths of extensions do...

...unlike most extensions, these also come with a little care guide - great for extension newbies.

 The set consists of two 6" wide pieces for the lower back section of the head, two 8" wide pieces for the middle of the head, six 1" wide pieces for around the sides and two extra 1" pieces without clips. I think it's strange to include two pieces minus clips - are you supposed to order two clips yourself and sew them on? Really? Can anybody explain the logic in that? I can't!

One thing I noticed immediately about these I&K extensions is that they do not have the synthetic, plastic looking shine that some extensions have when sealed with colour protectors. This is a huge plus, since that shine is usually the give away that your hair isn't...well...your hair! The hair itself feels smooth and natural - not like it will snap with prolonged use. The hair isn't sewn to the track as tightly as I'd like - as an unusual amount fell out as I handled it...I hope they're just stragglers, otherwise washing them will be a nightmare!
The wefts are average in thickness for extensions, with one weft per piece. This is perfect for typical Caucasian/ Asian hair, but too thin if you've any afro hair genes or very thick hair (in which case, look for double or triple weft extensions.) However, curling hair with extensions will always hide them pretty well - no matter how thick they are! The clips are sewn onto the track securely, no need to sew back over them.

See - told ya extensions will always blend when curled! Not 100% in my case, since my black dye had faded to a super dark brown, while the extensions are jet black - time to order some Directions dye, I think! The set I'm wearing is 14", though they're actually 16" as I&K add an extra 2" so you have room to give them a trim or have them a bit longer. My actual hair ends around my collar bone when curled.

I don't think these I&K extensions would suit those looking for a set to wear on a near daily basis or those with thick hair who like to wear it straight. They would be ideal for those just starting with extensions, looking for an affordable set to wear on nights out etc and those with fine/ medium hair.

I&K extensions are available from Hair Trade priced at £39.99 for a 14" set.

Product provided as part of the Hair Trade blogger partnership scheme. All opinions 100% honest and 100% my own - as usual!

Recently I was accepted into the Hair Trade blogger partnership scheme, meaning that every now and again I will receive a product of my choice from Hair Trade to review. I'm not being paid for these reviews, the links in these posts do not give me any kind of monetary gain and have only been asked to be truthful - which I always am here on Beauty's Bad Habit Blog, anyway! I wanted to explain that fully, since I appreciate clarity from bloggers in regards to partnerships etc and I'm sure you do too.

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  1. your hair looks lovely! i couldnt use extensions everyday, too much hassle! but i have super long hair anyway :) good review! x

  2. I was confused about the bits without clips too :) I mean... what am I going to do with them? Maybe a moustache? ;)

  3. Can you do a tutorial on this style? :)

  4. @ Kerry, thanks! I couldn't either, my scalp would be left begging for mercy!

    @ Sandra, hmmm...a moustache, I think you're ono to something there! :P

    @ Alexis, I just pop my extensions in their intended places and curl it all with straighteners, then break up the curls a bit with my fingers :) If your hair hasn't got much volume, you could back comb nears the roots, too. It's the same way as this video -

  5. I was going to buy these when I got paid and I'm so glad you done a review before then. I wear my extensions quite a lot and I like them REALLY thick and I just don't think these are suitable. You've just saved me wasted money, thanks!


  6. Odd seeing you with longer curly hair. haha. So pretty. :) I used to have bright pink extensions but after a few goes they felt like synthetic extensions :s

  7. Aww, it's sad that they're not too thick. Thanks for the review.

  8. The two spare pieces are at a guess if you want to colour test before dying? So you don't ruin the real thing and can try different shades?

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