NOTD - Aladdin Jewelled Accent Nail

Today muted, smokey purple nails just didn't seem blingtastic enough for my liking - so it gave me an excellent excuse to whip out one of my new polishes - Essence 'Circus Confetti'.

 I think that 'Circus Confetti' was popular in nail blog land sometime last year, so you've probably heard of it before! It's one of Essence's 'Special Effect' toppers, made to layer over other polishes to give them a little extra pizazz. Unfortunately, Essence isn't sold in England - I picked mine up in Austria!

'Circus Confetti' is full of multi-coloured hex and circle glitter in various sizes, densely packed so that you don't have to fish around to get any out. It's similar to H&M 'Confetti' polish but has a better variety of colour. I've heard some folk complain that H&M 'Confetti' takes ages to dry (my bottle didn't), Essence 'Circus Confetti' is a super fast drier.

I kept a nail free on each hand to cover in nail gems - don't the colours remind you of Aladdin shoes? I applied a thickish layer of clear polish, let it go tacky, then pressed each gem in with a pair of tweezers. After they had dried, I finished with some more clear polish to seal them in - hopefully they'll last!

Muted Purple - Shisem '306' (buy it from an eBay store)
Glitter Polish - Essence 'Circus Confetti'
Gems - Gem wheel (buy them from an eBay store)
Clear Polish - Something or other by Maybelline.

What do you think to accent nails? What about glitter polish?
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  1. Love everything about this. I love the glitter, love that it's layered over a subtle colour so its not too crazy, love accent nails and love gems! WIN!

    Essence is sold in Malta which makes me super happy as I've never really looked at their polishes. Usually Malta is crap for having no brands or they're extra expensive so I'm surprised we have this and the UK doesnt! In fact I am going to an Essence event soon- cant wait now! xx

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  2. This is so cute! DO you have the link to the specific ebay seller for the gems? :)

  3. Prettyyyy! I totally went to eye up gem wheels after seeing this! I don't think i'd have the patience to apply them though haha.

  4. love love love what you did for the accent nail, so well coordinated and so cute
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  5. it elevated it so much with the gorgeous sparkles!

  6. The flecks of sparkles are amazing!


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