GUEST POST: Vitalife Matcha Green Tea

Hello! I’m Terri Lowe from over at Hello, Terri Lowe (I know, original name huh?) I am super excited to be guest posting on Lily’s blog today! I’ve been reading Beauty’s Bad Habit for a while now and I am always in awe of the bold, bright, wonderful make up goings on. When Lily asked me to guest post I wanted to make sure I was writing about something equally as bright and wonderful but also something foody as my blog also goes on about food and drink as well as make up and stuff. I thought what better product would there be to fit with the theme than Vitalife Matcha Green Tea?!

 As you can see Vitalife Matcha Green Tea is certainly BRIGHT. It’s the most wonderful shade of green I have seen in a food/drink product EVER. If I was going to paint my living room, this would be the colour of choice (maybe my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room actually too) I love it. The great thing about Matcha Green Tea in general is the health benefits, that’s what made me purchase it in the first place. Basically, Matcha is all the health benefits of regular Green Tea but in a super concentrated formula; it reduces stress, provides antioxidants, boosts metabolism, and even acts as a natural mood enhancer. 

The only thing I would alter about the product is the fact that it’s quite hard to mix into water, and no matter how much I mix I still end up with a little bit of green sludge at the bottom of the cup, I personally don’t mind this too much but I can imagine others would. I would recommend getting one of those whizzy mini whisk things to stop this problem happening (I keep forgetting to purchase mine!). The taste of the tea itself is a lot pleasanter than regular green tea, I sometimes enhance it a little by adding a squirt of lemon but if you like green tea anyway there is no reason you wouldn’t enjoy this. It’s stronger but not in a potent way. Also I feel all warm and fuzzy inside after a cup – a sure sign that it’s boosting something in there! (or giving me wind, I’ll get back to you on that one) Another great thing about the Matcha powder is that you only need a very small amount to make a full cup. So even though the canister is rather small in appearance it lasts for ages!

You can also cook with the stuff, great huh? You can see my recipe for some super simple truffles here. You can buy your own from the Vitalife website following this link they have another little collection of splendid looking tea’s to try too for all types of requirements.

 I have also recently tried the Vitalife MatchaVanilla Latte which is another taste sensation from the brand. You can head over to my blog to have a little read of that one if you have 5 minutes spare! 

Over and out, T. Lowe.
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  1. Looks yummy. :D And I love the retro tin. :D

  2. Ooooh, I have a matcha cupcake recipe which this has reminded me I need to try!

  3. I've been meaning to try matcha green tea, I was just looking at the teapigs version the other day :) xx


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