REVIEW - Little Mouse Ears Cosmetics

On the look out for new indie companies to try out, I stumbled upon Little Mouse Ears. Cute name, cute logo, nice colours AND based in Ireland? Consider me sold.

 The site isn't as sleek as some from other indie companies, but it's easy enough to navigate and order. The eyeshadows are all bundled together on one page, which is a bit of a visual overload and doesn't leave much room for adding product information and descriptions. Still, if you have a bit of time to look through properly, it's no major issue.

 I settled on five clamshells at €6.00 - a pretty sweet deal - along with a mini nail polish. Everything arrived carefully wrapped in silver paper, with sequin confetti, a little 'Thank You' card, three free samples and a business card. I love when companies pay attention to presentation! Let's have a look at what I ordered, shall we?

Carnal Hunger - Dry over primer, 'Carnal Hunger' is a soft orangey pink with coppery shimmer. Over a sticky base like Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue', this transforms into a gorgeous orangey bronze.


 [[ Over sticky base, over bare skin ]]

USB - I utterly adore this shade! I've been looking for a nice, matte purple for so long and I've finally found it! USB is quite blue toned and delicate, but still quite bright. It also applies really smoothly and has excellent pigmentation. Massive thumbs up!

  Resentful - Soft, near pastel, blue toned green with unexpected pink (and perhaps a little copper) duochrome. It's very similar indeed to Victorian Disco 'The Force, Use It' - AKA, freakin' awesome.

 Gwen - A happy, medium marigold with rainbow sparkle. From the site's pictures, I thought this would be more ivory...Still, it's pretty enough for me to want to find a way to wear it!


 Aphrodisiac - A sophisticated pink-brown-purple taupey type of colour which I can imagine many ladies loving! It reminds me a touch of Fyrinnae 'Te Amo' and Mad Minerals 'Ruby Sunset' - like they met and had a shiny love child...Heck, maybe that's why it's called 'Aphrodisiac'!

My only real issue was that 'Carnal Hunger' has a few white chunks of unblended ingredient and a couple of the free samples had pink and blue unblended ingredients, so perhaps the blending needs a bit of extra time. However, overall I'm impressed. Each colour is gorgeous, smooth and pigmented, prices are great and turnaround time was super fast.

You can order Little Mouse Ears through their site, with a variety of deals and different sizes.

(P.S) What do you think to the new layout for swatches and colour descriptions? Yay/ nay?

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  1. these look really good! they are gorgeous colours! and i always love some free samples ;) x

  2. I love hearing about new companies :D Resentful is gorgeous, would be stunning teamed with a bold white on thw lower lashline and strong black eyeliner! X

  3. although i dont understand how to order?! do you just select the mini clamshells for 6 EUROS and then tell her the colours?! x

  4. I like the new swatcheroonie style! I need to try LME - what's the polish like?

  5. Ooh these look awesome - Packaging looks pretty amateur but its got to be said I do love 'newer' comapnies! Are the eyeshadows talk based? the colour is amazing! x

  6. Thank you for the great review. Your swatches are awesome.

  7. Aphrodisiac and Resentful look so beautiful. And they're based in Ireland!? That's so awesome!

    Good Morning Angel.

  8. Great review! All these shadows look super gorgeous! I'd buy all the colors<3 And I love the way you describe things.. "like they met and had a shiny love child..." hahaha ;)

  9. Love aphrodisiac, such a pretty colour! and never heard of the brand before, so thanks for reviewing it! :) Rachel from

  10. @ Kerry, they really are lovely shades :) Gotta love free samples! Yep, just add them to your cart and during check out there will be a 'notes to seller' box, just add your colour choices there.

    @ Amii, it's sooo much nicer in person! I couldn't capture the pinky duochrome in it properly :(

    @ Sandra, it's so much nicer in person! I couldn't capture the pinky duochrome, which is what makes it so lovely :)

    @ Robyn, yay, thanks! I haven't played with the polish properly yet, but I'll be doing a seperate post on it no doubt :)

    @ Sarah, yup, I find that most indie labels look a little amateur but I don't mind so long as the product is good! Talk based?

    @ Sarah, you are very welcome!

    @ L., yup, Ireland based :D

    @ Emily, haha thank you :P The shadows really are lovely.

    @ Rachel, it's so gorgeous! Hope you check them out sometime, well worth a look :)

  11. Wow, I LOVE Aphrodisiac! Looks lovely! I want! xo

  12. Lovely swatches! Aphrodisiac looks so pretty!

  13. These look fab and what a cute name! Love the look of Aphrodisiac :)

  14. i love 'indie' brands like this- so cute! i think the colors you got are all gorgeous

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  15. Um yeah... Awesome colors! I still need to check out LME. Thanks for the swatches and review. Love the new layout for the swatches!

  16. They're so cute!! My favorite will be Aphrodisiac :) Thanks for introducing us to the site, I'm having a lookie at the moment ^^


    p.s. And yes I enjoy the new layout for swatches & colour descriptions~

  17. Resentful looks so pretty!


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