REVIEW: Jolie Box Birthday Edition!


Jolie Box have officially been around for one year - spreading lovely products through the land, served up in neat little black Jolie bags. Recently I was sent the 'Birthday Edition' box, which consisted of four products and a couple o' little extras.
 Everything arrived in a rather retro looking citrus orange box, I love zesty, fun colours so this made me smile instantly! Yes, I am a packaging whore. 
Inside the box was the black Jolie drawstring bag, which all of the products sit inside. Presentation gets a huge thumbs up.

An 'all things French' Jolie mag, coupons and 'menu' of the products included were also neatly tucked inside the parcel.
 The products themselves were quite varied, though all to do with body/ skin care. Each product is from a high end brand I'd probably not have tried otherwise. I wont go into each product, since skin care is unique to each person. I will, however say that each product feels quite luxurious and I can't wait to give them all a proper test!

Overall - a promising looking beauty box company! It feels a little more up market than other beauty box companies and seems to be run in a more professional manner.
Jolie boxes are priced at £10 + p&p for 4 - 5 samples. Available online.
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