REVIEW - Fudge 'Blueberry Hill' Paint Box Dye

Fudge dyes have been knocking around for years, though I rarely hear about them - even from 'dye hards' who will try any brand to achieve colourful hair. Curious, I decided to see if the Fudge 'Paint Box' dyes were outcasts for a reason - or if the 'dye hards' were missing a trick...

 Free of ammonia and peroxide, Fudge dyes are similar in their ingredients to brands such as Directions (ingredients list almost matches), Manic Panic, Special Effects etc. These dyes are much kinder to your hair than 'box dyes' - I find that they leave my hair feeling soft and looking super healthy.

[[ Sorry for press pics - my tube mysteriously vanished before I took photos. ]]

The Fudge dyes come in handy squeeze tubes, which I prefer to pots since they wont splatter all over your bathroom should you knock them over. I also liked that the tubes are partially clear so that you can see when you're running low.

  [[ Directions 'Turquoise' and 'Flamingo Pink' with Fudge 'Blueberry Hill' ]]
Application was a doddle since you can just squeeze from the tube and apply straight away - no mixing or faffing about. I squeezed mine into a tint bowl and applied it in sections with a brush since I was using a few different colours.

[[ Lips are a mix of OCC lip tars in 'Anime' and 'Hoochie' ]]

'Blueberry Hill' is a very nicely balanced purple - I find that many purple dyes lean too red, however, this is the ideal 'true purple' to my eyes. When I washed all the dyes out, 'Blueberry Hill' bled a little into the other shades - though I had expected this. Rich purples do tend to bleed more than any other colour dye, whichever brand you use. Be careful whenever you get your hair wet when using such purples, as it WILL transfer on to pretty much everything it comes into contact with!

Fudge 'Paint Box' dyes are available in fifteen shades, which can also be mixed to create your own custom dye. RRP £8.95 each, but Google around for good deals. Results last between 3 - 30 washes, though of course this depends on the condition of your hair and hair type.

Product provided for review consideration. All views 100% my own and 100% honest - as always! 

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  1. This colour combo is absolutely stunning and they sound like really good dyes. I love that they're not bad for your hair, affordable and a chance to try something different without too much permanence. Lush! xxx

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  2. I used to use Fudge Paintbox dyes but I found that they sun bleached REALLY badly.

    I dyed my hair the day before I went to download festival (2007 I think) so that was the Tuesday

    by Saturday it looked like this (with no shampooing or anything.)

    The colour was lovely but the staying power was horrific.

  3. I love the turquoise and purple! How is the staying power?

  4. @ TheOtherSideofCool, it;s deinitely fun to be able to switch colours fairly quickly!

    @ Charli, it is indeed!

    @ Lisa, wow, that's awful! I do think that veg based dyes fade quicker in the Sun, but never usually that quickly! Mine's faded around the front, but underneath where it's hidden from the elements (and heat styling tools) it's still bright.

    @ Chrissy, it's fading to a nice lilac where it's straightened most and not hidden from the Sun. It doesn't seems to last as well as other veg dyes I've tried, but it is only meant to be fairly temporary :)

  5. I love the look of this, I want to put blue in my hair soon, I shall definitely look into doing this! Also, your hair is very cool! x
    Sirens and Bells

  6. I'm always so jealous of your hair, it's amazing! These look good x

  7. I love fudge paint boxes! I recently used Blue Velvet and it's so vibrant, I only wish it didn't wash out so much. I've never used Directions before but I prefer Fudge to Manic Panic which didn't come out so well and the colour was dull. Considering I paid £11 for the Amplified version, I was really disappointed :|

  8. Loving the colours!! They all go really well together.

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  9. i really love your hair!!faaaabolous!!:)

  10. I used to use these all the time when i was younger! :D red hair then purple, blue hair haha! good times xD

  11. Wow, those are awesome on you!

  12. would you be able to suggest a Special Effects shade that come close to that purple? Deep Purple looks too blue and Pimpin' Purple looks too pink.

  13. @ Katy, thanks! Blue is such a fun colour to have in your hair :D

    @ Boston Princess, thanks!

    @ Evelyn, haha, thank you :)

    @ Tass, oh dear :/ I've never used the amplified ones as the regular ones work well enough for me. Directions dyes are awesome, though!

    @ Sarebutterfly, thanks!

    @ leather+glitter, thanks :)

    @ MrAJBx3, haha, I always used sfx when I was a kid! Wish I'd known there were cheaper options!

    @ Phyrra, thanks :)

    @ Janna, any reason why SFX in particular? their purple dyes also run like Hell, if you were thinking they wouldn't :) 'Pimpin Purple' is more red toned IRL and MUCH darker(I used to have it as a kid. They don't have a 'true' purple in their line, I think 'Pimpin Purple' is the closest you'll find from SFX :)

  14. well i'm totally new to hair dying and in a ton of reviews I've looked up, most people said that SFX had the best staying power. I'm looking to do some sort of dip dying to the tips of my hair in pink, blue (teal), and purple, and SFX supposedly has the best staying power...? If you have any suggestions though I'd totally trust your opinion!

  15. Ooohh it's so brave to do multiple colours when you're new to dying - power to ya! SFX dyes do have amazing staying power, the hot pink they make is notorious for it. Teals and purples in general fade fairly quickly so they tend to be the same across most decent brands. I'd recommend trying Directions for them to save yourself a bit of money. The SFX purple I had bled over everything and stained everything it touched pink -_-

  16. LOVE this! i recently did something very similar to this on a clients hair,it looked like peacock feathers :) i used an indigo,teal,and deep cobalt blue (i cant remember the names)but i really like this it looks amazing on you!

  17. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. And I think multiple colors look so pretty and since it's only on the ends of my hair I think I can handle it...I'll look into your suggestions! Thanks again!

  18. I love blueberry hill! Im planning to use it soon, Just wondering if you pre-lightened your hair before applying it? and if so, how light did you bleach it to? a light blonde? or caramel?
    thanks! :)

  19. Hi, I'm looking in to dip dying my hair using this product but I was wondered if you knew how well it would fade out as I don't want it to be permanent at all? Also I've got light brown hair so would the colours still be brightish? thanks :)

  20. @ Effy, yes I bleached my hair to lighten it. Bright dyes will not take over dark hair. I only ever lighten mine to a medium ginger.

    @ Becca, how long it lasts will depend on the conition of your hair an hair type so I couldn't really say. Mine faded within a couple of weeks, but you will have to dye over it to rid the left over tint. I'd recommend lightening your hair just a tad to get the brightest colour possible :)


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