REVIEW - Decolour Hair Dye Remover

I've always loved switching up my hair colour, but HATE having to fade it to dye it another colour. Faffing about with Vitamin C masks, anti-dandruff shampoo, washing up liquid...It all gets rather messy and can leave your hair a little worse for wear. If you want rid completely with minimal to no damage, you're better off using a colour remover. In steps 'Decolour Remover'...

 'Decolour Remover' safely removes hair dyes without damaging the hair at OR changing your natural colour. If you bleach your hair, then dye it, your hair will revert back to it's bleached state.

First off, you mix up the activator and remover - just like how you mix dyes in 'off the shelf' kits. Now, be warned - this stuff STINKS. Apparently my flatmate could smell it in her room! It hung around the bathroom and corridor for a while, too.

 You squeeze the mix into gloved hands and work it into clean, dry hair. There's no need to worry if you get some on your natural hair colour, as it wont be affected at all - excellent if you're a bit messy like me! Wrap your hair in cling film and allow the mix to develop for the recommended amount of time before rinsing it all out and applying the 'Conclude Balm'. I advise washing your hair with regular shampoo at this point, else the eggy smell lingers quite strongly - not nice! The instructions are very precise and you'll definitely need to keep them to hand through the process to make sure you're doing everything properly.


As I applied the remover mix, I could see that it had started working almost immediately, as my hair turned from grey-green to orangey yellow by the time I'd finished applying it! At the end of the whole process, my hair was the bleached shade I'd started with previous to dying it blue, with a green tinge. Not ALL of the dye was removed, but enough to leave me very impressed! Plus, my hair felt lovely - not at all dry or damaged.

So, generally - an awesome product if you overlook the smell. I'll definitely be buying it next time I'm bored of my dye job!

£12.99 a kit, available from Boots.

Product provided for review purposes. All opinions 100% honest and 100% my own - as usual!


  1. Amazing result :0 and I know what you mean about the smell! I got the same thing with Colour B4 - ick. What colour are you going now? :) x

  2. Oh, this might be useful! Thanks for the review, I might check this out next time I wanna change hair colour...even though £12.99 is a bit hefty...

    Good Morning Angel.

  3. If you liked this and need to do this again, I'd recommend Jo Baz which you can get from Savers/Bodycare - it's pretty much exactly the same product but it costs around five pounds. Same eggy smell though sadly! My housemates were not happy.

  4. Wow, what a difference! I'd love to use this on my hair just to see what color my hair actually is after having dyed it so many times...


  5. I am going to bookmark this for the future when I decide to go to a different color other than pink... which hopefully won't be for awhile, but you never know when inspiration may strike!!!

  6. I'm dying to dye my hair orange but i'm a bit scared haha so maybe i'll have one of these on hand just in case :P My sister tried something like this called colourbefore but it dried out her hair a i think i might try this one :D Great post :) x

  7. I could have used this product when I was in high school as I had to keep chopping my hair off when I changed colours!

  8. Just bought this - it was on offer in Boots :D Hope it works! xx

  9. Hated this product. Horrible smell and left my hair a unnatual awful colour. SERIOUSLY DO NOT RECCOMEND!

  10. Not being funny but i used this product to get rid of a faded semi permanent pink dye, it hasnt worked in the slightest. It hasnt got rid of any pink and hasnt gone bk to the bleach either. Smells rank i agree, but has also let my hair in a knotted stringy state.... DO NOT RECOMMEND. (especially as it cant even get out semi permanent dyes)

  11. This product, and colourB4 cannot remove all colour on some peoples hair as i'm told that certain dyes get trapped in porous hair and the only way to remove that is to cut your hair!

  12. How do you get rid of the smell.. Even the dog wont sit near me.. Ive wash my hair 4 times and i cant get rid of the smell.. This product does work just stinks.

  13. @ Leah, it will remove as much dye as it can and leave a base colour - most people have a natural colour dye to hand to cover whatever shade is left behind.

    @ Super Mummy, it worked to get rid of my semi-perm blue, however pink and red dyes usually STAIN cuticles, making them harder to remove. No idea why it left your hair a stringy mess, never heard of that with this particular colour stripper! I'm guessing previous bleach damage.

    @ Loulou, wow - whoever told you that is very, very wrong and a little...dramatic haha. Some dyes stain hair cuticles (black, red and very red toned dyes usually) which will make them very hard to remove, but with a decent colour stripper they will at least fade. Might take a few tries, but it will work. The only time you should ever HAVE TO cut off your hair is from bleach, heat or chemical damage.

    @ Azlyn, haha, it really does stink. I think the smell faded after about 5 washes for me :/ I think hot oil, shampoo and conditioner and after care oil helps to fade it a little. Don't worry though - it will go!

  14. I am blonde/dirty blonde and i have turquoise streaks in my hair, i am hesitant about using this product. My streaks have faded heavily but won't budge anymore will this remove the rest and take me back to my blonde?

  15. I have blonde/Dirty blonde hair and i put semi-permanent turquoise streaks through it, I am hesitant about using this product, my streaks have heavily faded into a green color but they just won't budge anymore... will this product remove the rest of my dye?


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