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I came upon Chinovi Cosmetics around the time of their 'grand opening' sale and so decided to try them out! I usually don't order from companies until they've been around for a few months, but I'd already heard good things so I went for it anyway...

Everything arrived neatly packed, with all the products wrapped up in a yellow paper bag printed with the Chinovi logo. There were also a couple of business cards and a free sample of 'Hiccup' eyeshadow.

I like that the clam shells have clear labels, printed with the company logo and product name - they look rather professional compared to other clam shell samples I've had. Generally, I dislike clam shells since they're easy to spill and product gets wasted every time you open/ close them - unfortunately sample jars are not available.

Packaging aside, lets have a look at what I ordered, shall we?

PARTY - 'Party' is a deep, rich petrol blue. I imagine this would make for a kick ass smokey eye!

 MONSTER -'Monster' is the shade I was most excited to try! It's simply stunning. Medium, cool toned purple with strong blue duochrome. 'Monster' is the stand out shade for me, I can't wait to pair it with Fyrinnae 'Faerie Glamour'.

NIECES - A peachy, rosey shade with golden shimmer, 'Nieces' was purchased to use as a blush. As yet I haven't tried it out, but it's in the right shade range to suit my warm skin :)

PRINCESS - A bright, girly pink with plenty of golden glitter. 'Princess' is probably going to end up being used as a blush layered over something like The Balm 'Frat Boy'.

WHISPER - 'Whisper' is a beautiful warm, golden beige which isn't far off Shiro Cosmetics 'S.S Anne'. These kind of shades make ideal 'one colour washes' for me, so I can see this will get plenty of use.

MARQUEE - A dirty plum taupe kinda shade, not something I'd usually opt for but for some reason I just had to try it! I've already used this a few times to smoke out the lower lashline; it would make an awesome liner mixed with a foiling medium.

SMOKE OUT - Oh hey, sexy! *Cough* What?! Are you trying to tell me 'Smoke Out' isn't seriously hot?! I beg to differ! Ideal for anyone who loves smokey eyes, taupes, metallics and sexiness.

ALIEN - The hardest shade of the bunch to capture on camera, 'Alien' is truly bizarre! Bizarre in a good way. It's a golden highlight type shade with green tones, I don't have anything similar in my collection. I really want to figure out a way to wear it soon!

As you can see, these eyeshadows are really pretty, but not overly unique (with the exception of 'Alien' and 'Monster') compared to other indie companies out there. I actually found it hard choosing colours to order because I already have a lot of similar shades.

Overall, however, I'm impressed! The formula for Chinovi eyeshadows is lovely - smooth, blendable and pigmented, shipping was fast, prices are fair, the site is easy to navigate and the branding is cute. I'd definitely recommend taking a look :)

Sample clam shells cost $1.25, full size jars (with sifters) are priced at $5. Available from the Chinovi Cosmetics site.

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  1. Marquee and Alien I'm attracted too. Gorgeous swatches. :) x

  2. Wow, these look amazing! Party and Monster are to die for!

  3. Monster is gorgeous and Alien looks really interesting! Very promising!

  4. Those are some gorgeous colours, loving Marquee, Monster and Party.


  5. Those swatches are stunning, I think I am going to picl up some of them!

  6. Those are so lovely! I love whisper!
    Girl Meets Beauty

  7. WOW! I really love Nieces, Monster and Smoke Out xx

  8. Fab swatches, these look wonderfully pigmented! Love the look of Whisper and Party x

  9. I looooove Chinovi<33 I have a lot of these shades and they're great! I cant wait to order again when I have money, lol :D

  10. I've never heard of this line but I think these are gorgeous!

  11. These look reqlly nice :)
    Need to start checking out more indie brands,meecially when sample sizes are so cheap

  12. marquee & smoke out look like amazing colours! :} xxx

  13. i have never heard of this brand before but i will give them a go after seeing this! i liked the monster,party and marquee! i wonder what alien would look like over a black base?thanks for the review lily :)

  14. @ Vampiress Doll, they're both rather pretty :) Thanks!

    @ Nusa, they're my faves I think!

    @ Robyn, promising indeed! I think the shades will get more complex with time.

    @ L, they're lovely shades :)

    @ Emmabovary, thanks!

    @ Taylor, 'Whisper' is awesome, a great every day shade for me!

    @ Sian, they'd be great additions to any collection!

    @ Evelyn, they are very nicely pigmented and very smooth!

    @ Emily, hehe, which are your fave shades?

    @ Margo, they're only just starting out :D

    @ Nik, I think indie brands offer the most interesting shades usually. Plus, they're generally cheaper and better quality than a lot of bigger brands!

    @ Jodie-Winyan, they're very nice indeedy!

    @ Tiarni, oooh interesting idea! I think it would appear more golden, I'll have to see!

  15. Really glad I found your blog hun! Your pictures look so fab!
    N xoxo


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