NOTD - Psychedelic Brights

This started off as a gradient that went awfully wrong, so I thought 'Sack this!' and moved on to marbling instead. I wanted to use fun, tropical shades to compensate for the utterly MISERABLE weather outside...

 I used a a pale yellow Barry M shade as a base, Beauty UK 'Strength' (hot pink) and a turquoise mood polish from Claires. I love the patterns marbling gives, kinda like tie dye. If you want to try it out yourself, check out this tutorial.

I might give gradients another go...but not for a while... My left hand simply doesn't understand the idea and loves splodging colour everywhere except where I want it. Ah well!

Are you any good at gradients? Got any tips?
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  1. I think they look completely gorgeous! Perfect for Summer, and they make me think of some tropical island. I love them!

  2. These look fab! So unique. I did a gradient post last week, I added a link to a great video I watched that makes it really simple to do. Check it out :)

  3. Ahh this is so cool! You have made me NEED to do a multicoloured water marble :D

  4. They look really different and unique, and gorgeous colours for summer! Plus everyone is doing gradient nails so it's good to be different!

  5. I like this marbled type effect, looks good :) Great look to cheer up this awful weather! x

  6. Your nails look great!!!

    Here is a tutorial that I've saved for gradiant manis... I've not tried it yet but wow, hers are great!!

    Hope this helps!

  7. Pretty awesome! Marbling is one I need to try out. :)

  8. Nice! Love the funky colors :)

    And no, I tried gradient nails a few times and it looked horrible. The only way I could do one is by building up a glitter polish with multiple layers..

  9. these look so much fun! :) xx


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