FOTD - Agent L

I wore this last night on an outing to the cinema to see Men in Black III and then head for a drink at the chilled out pub down the road. I felt the need to do my eye make-up simply because I feel I don't do it often enough these days! I have, however, ordered far more make-up that I can really justify lately - so expect a sharp rise in FOTD posts...

EYES - UDPP, Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue' (this stuff is my God), Barry M limited edition baby pink dazzle dust, Darling Girl 'Bare Tribal', Avon pale green shimmer and pale matte pink, MUA 'Shade 12', random coppery gold duochrome eyeshadow, Collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner, mascara, Barry M 'Purple' bold eyeliner.

FACE - No.7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation, powder, The Balm 'Hot Mama' blush, Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection' concealer.

LIPS - Bare.

Sorry for how vague the eye make-up list seems - I scraped this together from eyeshadows my sister abandoned when she moved!

For anyone who has been thinking of seeing Men in Black III...don't. There needs to be more aliens, more action, more comedy and more of a play on Agent J being a black guy in '60s America. However, Jermaine Clement was perfectly cast as 'Boris the Animal' and I challenge you not to find 'Griffin' adorable...And the twist at the end is awesome.

What does your emergency 'trip out' make-up consist of? Any films you're looking forward to?

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  1. Your hair reminds me of a galaxy - I love it!
    Thanks for the heads up on MIB III. I don't want to see it but the boyfriend wants to so have to compromise!

  2. :) really nice look and I love your hair, as always.
    I'm kind of guilty of admitting it but I'm looking forward to seeing Snow White and the Huntsman and also (less guilty) Dark Knight Rises! Which is gonna be epic.


  3. Oh my!!! I just fell in love with your hair! Looks so pretty.. I've been wanting to do some strands of color like that on my hair. Since I am not working now I might..

  4. I love the colours you blended together :)

  5. Oh my god your hair! It looks so beautiful and unique. Thanks for the heads up about Men In Black III, I was wondering if it would be any good. Doesn't it annoy when people take a perfectly good movie and make a sequel, it's like a big "Lets cash in again!" from the producers. Unless it was based on a book with sequels, probably best not to make one!

    Make-up is gorgeous, as per usual.

  6. Your hair looks so gooood! Love you makeup too :) I did want to see MIB III but guess I will skip..husband was never too keen on tagging along anyway :D

  7. I love the Glitter Glue so much ! For me it's even better than Pixie Epoxy or Too Faced Glitter Glue . Much more blendable . Your hair is to die for ! So nice and love the colors in it. And i love the makeup too ... of course LOL !

  8. What a gorgeous look, I need glitter glue for sure...x

  9. You're sooooo beautifull! I like Barry M eyeliner's color, must have it:) And you're hair...OMG!!!

  10. Love the makeup but your hair looks so gorgeous in these photos! Love it!

  11. I love your hair! It's stunning!

  12. I can't really add anything sensible to everything said above, your hair looks amazing! Purple, green blue, it looks magical!

  13. GOSH! must say this even though you probably know it: I WANT YOUR HAIR!
    it's amazing! and i've read that you seem to dislike it sometimes with all the dyeing and all, but the result is awesome!
    and of course does everything else look beautiful on you!//Azure

  14. Your eyes look awesome and it goes really well with your hair! It looks great!
    Jermaine Clement is amazing, I actually love him in everything...I would say I'd watch MIB 3 for him but if it is that bad I don't think I can. Prometheus it is!

  15. I love your make up and I love the colors in your hair!and how awesome was MBI3? I liked it

    {Happy with Sprinkles}


  16. Totally love your hair & look :)


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