VEGGIE TASTY: New Food Finds!

Over the past few weeks, I've been incredibly lazy when it comes to food. I mean...I've literally been eating ready made salad and pita bread every night for about the last two weeks! Totally out of character for me as I quite enjoy cooking, but I think my brain has just been too fried to fry, grill, boil, or anything else of that nature. Still, I have tried a few new foody things...

Easy peasy cheats rice. My Dad bought a huge tub of Ainsely Harriet's flavoured rice from Costco, which doesn't actually taste like very much at all. Still, with some red peppers, onion and Quorn chicken flung in along with a dollop of red pepper, garlic and jalapeno hummus on the side, it wasn't bad.

I'd seen somebody talking about Alpro's hazelnut drink on their blog and had been strangely fascinated, naturally I had to try it! It's very odd, the ground up hazelnuts give it a powdery texture that didn't seem quite right to me. The Alpro original stuff is lovely on its own, but nothing beats REAL milk in a cuppa!

 Whenever I'm heading back home from uni, I can't resist buying a packet of veggie Percy Pigs from the M&S at Picadilly Station. They satisfy my cravings for sweet, fruity, chewy goodies no end!

My Swedish friend kindly brought back some rhubarb and strawberry cider for me since she knows the Swedish sweet stuff is my drink of choice. So...Swedish readers, go and buy some 'Rod Rabarber' Vikbo cider, it's lovely!

Have you tried any new grub lately? Anything you want to try?


  1. I actually really like the hazelnut milk!

    This is my go to meal when I don't want to cook but want something that tastes good. I grate the courgette instead, I just prefer it that way. It just takes as long as the pasta takes to cook which is perfect.

    :) xx

  2. Umm new food. Peanut butter m&m's not very healthy but my god they are delicious x

  3. The rice actually looks really nice, I dont mind having just flavoured rice and cottage cheese for my tea, I can't do quorn chicken it just tastes completely wrong!!

    I'd love to try a veggie curry one day though!

  4. Yum! makes me hungry!

    xo Jenn

  5. Your meal looks delicious...although the flavoured rice doesn't sound good. :)

  6. I really like the Hazlenut milk. Reminds me of chocolate milk but not as sugary. Trying the almond milk out at the moment, but not as keen on that one. It's a bit more watery like oat milk? I prefer a thicker, but not too creamy milk replacement. You honestly get used to soya so quickly - I can't even look at dairy milk anymore!
    I was well excited when my hubby bought home the veggie percy pigs. I love those kinds of sweets but they all have gelatine in so it was great. They have a kind of weird texture though? A bit overly chewy, but that's better than the other veggie gummy sweets which are never chewy enough!

    Rosie xx
    Just Listen

  7. @ Katy, ooh, thanks for sharing that! I love raisins, courgette, garlic and walnuts so I will most certainly try it at some point :D

    @ nicoletta, they are pretty darn good *craves m&ms*

    @ Jade, it was nice but a bit too subtly flavoured to be very satisfying. I used to LOVE Quorn chicken but I think I'm going off it now :/ It's a bit too rich. Veggie curry is on my hitlist so I'll definitely post when I've tried one!

    @ Jenn, indeed! I wish I had more percy pigs, now!

    @ Moxie, the flavoured rice was a bit bland :/ Not bad, though...maybe with a stir fry and sweet and sour sauce it would be lovely!

    @ Rosie B, seems I'm the only one that wasn't too fond of it! I'm not loving soya milk right now, the unsweetened stuff makes tea taste a bit funky and separates in coffee :S Percy pigs are MEGA chewy, but I kinda like that - I wish there were something like wine gums which were veggie. Love that kinda texture!

  8. Quorn is actually so good, not gonna lie!x


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