Skin Care, Body Care and Scent Storage in Uni Halls

It might sound daft (and it probably is) but when I was moving to uni, one of my main concerns was where I'd storage all of my smellies. Y'see, some halls have the luxury of an en suite bathroom for each bedroom, but, alas, mine do not. Storing everything in my bedroom was the only option, but I didn't want a jumble of messy boxes or loose product everywhere. Here's how I managed it...

My lower shelf stores scents, body butters, creams in tubs, cleanser and everyday facial moisturizers. All of my solid scents are kept in the gold organza bag, samples remain in their card sleeves and bigger bottles are tucked away - y'see how I don't own a single 'proper' perfume in full size?! I'm way too fussy to commit to any it seems!

Beside my lotions and potions are my nail varnishes, housed in a brown filigree box. I *think* the box is from IKEA, but you can get similar ones of different patterns from stores like Home Bargains for cheap, too.

Amid the CDs, hip flasks, origami balls and inflatable dinosaurs on my top shelf lie my hair colouring products. I utterly love Directions dyes, although getting the blue from my last dye job to fade is proving to be a pain in the rump!

To the right of my shelves, I have a free standing shelving unit which is awesome for storing some of your junk belongings. I have four of these IKEA boxes on the unit full of various things, but my favourite box is undoubtedly this one...

Fake tan, skin care, body care, hair care, bath care and some essentials such as toothpaste and face wipes. You can fit SO MUCH into these boxes, it's crazy. I also have an IKEA helmer for my make-up, but I've already posted about that. As you can see, I'm a fan of that Swedish wonderland for storage solutions!

My key tips for planning storage for your uni halls room are...
1. GO TO AN OPEN DAY. Seriously. How are you supposed to plan where to keep your stuff if you haven't even see what the rooms are like?!
2. Boxes are your friend. Check out bargain stores for cheap and cheerful options.
3. Find out if you have room under your bed for storage. I have an under bed box full of clothes, it's so useful!
4. Get a clothing hook rack for the back of your door - you'd be surprised how much room simply hanging your coat/ hoodie/ towels can save.

How do you store all of your goodies? Do you take up 90% of the space on the bathroom shelves, or stack it all away elsewhere?

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  1. everything looks so nice :) And I'm really curious about directions dye especially the violet one to tone down my white hair.

  2. I know this pain! I was lucky in that I had an en suite but it was so so tiny there were no shelves or anything so it was still tough work. Great idea though on the boxes!


  3. i keep my jars in my bedroom too.

  4. I was lucky enough to have an en-suite bathroom when I was in halls, so storing all my goodies was never too much of a problem...explaining to the cleaners why the bathroom walls were splattered bright pink and red from my latest misadventure with Manic Panic was another matter :p Who knew I shook my head around so much when I was dying my hair?

  5. I actually did a post on this a few weeks ago, i have loads of boxes from ikea too! i also got the drawer dividers from there which is where i keep my makeup, its not particularly pretty, but it does the job! i know i sound like a hideous troll putting a link to my blog on here, but it's a relevant post, honest!

  6. I feel your pain! I'm so glad to be a second year now and to have my own house. Somehow I wangled a room with en suite last year but it was pretty similar to a cupboard - I could shower and brush my teeth in the sink at the same time! I actually bought one of those cardboard desk organisers in the pretty patterns from WHSmith, they're like a mini chest of drawers and perfect for storing makeup and smellies in a cute way.


  7. I love this post, I too have a communal bathroom so everything that typically goes in there has to be stored in my bedroom - it was a nightmare at first but after successfully storing it the only annoying thing is having to take stuff into the bathroom with me every time!


  8. This is a great post! I love seeing how other people organise their stuff - I have plastic drawers for toiletries, craft boxes for nail polishes, makeup case, a top of chest of drawers for a dressing table, and a basket in the bathroom full of showery stuff!


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