REVIEW - Rimmel '1000 Kisses Transfer Proof Lip Tint' in 'Timeless Tango'


Always on the look out for colour that will last longer than one hour on my lips, I've been drawn to the idea of lip stains lately. While browsing Superdrug I stumbled upon the Rimmel '1000 Kisses Transfer Proof Lip Tint' and soon found myself parting with cash at the tills to make one my own.

 Each tube houses the actual lip tint at one end and a clear balm at the other. I like the idea of including both in one product, since we all know how drying liquid lip colours can be! The lids click into place firmly, which should hopefully mean it'll be a while before the tint end becomes dry as a bone. Each tube is coloured according to the colour of the tint, which is a nice change in this world of plain black packaging.

 As soon as you pop off the cap, you'll notice the beautiful scent these have! It's something fruity and sweet - yet a cocktail. To apply the lip tint, I first draw the outline of my clean, dry lips and then fill them in. Rimmel '1000 Kisses Transfer Proof Lip Tints' are very well pigmented, much more like stains than tints! Strangely, they're very comfortable and non-drying, even without the balm - it doesn't feel like I have anything on my lips at all.

 I found that these lasted a good four to five hours, though they'd definitely last longer if I hadn't been eating and drinking. As for transfer proof...well, they don't transfer as much as lipstick or gloss, but they do leave faint marks. I found that hot drinks made them come off more easily, with pink marks around the edge of my tea cup! Perfect for a night out, but perhaps not for a dinner date...

It's worth noting that the colour of your lips WILL effect the colour that these tints look on you. 'Timeless Tango' swatches neon pink on my skin, but shows as a red-pink when worn thanks to my lip colour.

Available priced at £6.99 each from Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets.
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  1. Looks stunning!!! Want one.

  2. I bought a similar thing from Maybelline a while back and found it pretty useless, there was hardly any colour payoff, was super drying and didn't last long at all. These sound like just what I was looking for :D looks gorgeous on your lips! xx

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  3. These look great! I've had a few lip stains, but never actually used them that regularly. I'll have to check out the different colour they have, and probably pick one up and hope that I'll get along with it ;D

  4. Wish we has this wear I live I would love to try it myself. Looks great on you girl:)
    Sara xx

  5. I've seen Rimmel and also I think Max Factor offering these felt tip type lip products and I keep meaning to give them a go. This one looks fab on you so it's really prompted me to give them a try soon xx

  6. Look like a gorgeous colour for the summer!

  7. Gorgeous. May have to try these.. been debating it for a while actually but a little more inclined to now..


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