REVIEW - Barry M Bold Waterproof Eyeliners in Blue and Silver

Barry M have been treating us well lately, firing out new products and new shades at a rapid rate. One of the new products to catch my attention were the 'Bold Waterproof Eyeliners' - promising long wear, smooth application AND being waterproof they sounded amazing. I had to give them a shot!

Typical eyeliner pencil packaging, with a clear lid and colour coded font so that you can reach for your desired shade without having to hunt for it.

The formula for Bold Waterproof eyeliners is so smooth, creamy and colour rich that these could easily have been sold for 5x the price by more 'up market' brands. Colour glides on effortlessly, with no pulling or patchy pigmentation - fantastic! I do layer the blue a little to get a more foiled effect, but one swipe will do just fine for a pop of colour.

I've found that the silver has what appear to be fine shimmer particles in it, which makes it awful for the waterline. My eyes became a tad irritated and I had silver specks floating about my eye! The blue does not have this issue, but I've been preferring to wear it along the upper lashes.

Wear time on the waterline is about five hours, though it does fade. On the upper lashline, wear time is basically until you remove it! I ought to say that the pencil does not transfer to the crease, either, even on unprimed, oily lids.

And before you ask, Barry M Bold Waterproof eyeliners > Urban Decay 24/ 7 eyeliners.

RRP £3.99 each from Superdrug, Boots and the Barry M site.


  1. These look lovely, and they really do resemble the Urban Decay 24/7s :)

  2. These look good! I've been wanting a few of the UD ones but theyre just so expensive, this seems like a good alternative :D

  3. These seem incredible for the price!

  4. Love the colours! And the price is pretty good especially compared to Urban Decay. Might have to get myself some. :)

  5. oh wow! i love the blue one!! thats gorgeous!

  6. I wish blue eyeliner suited me it looks so pigmented!xo

  7. Will need to check these out! The blue looks amazing!

  8. I'll have to check them out,I swear by the UD eyeliners


  9. love this post a great read

  10. @ Ellie, they kinda do resemble them :) They're so much better though!

    @ LooweezBx, they certainly are cheaper and in my opinion a much higher quality.

    @ Alicia Forster, they really are! I utterly love them. I actually went and bought the purple yesterday too :D

    @ gothic-nemo, you should try them, they're crackin' quality.

    @ socialitedreams, it is! I like wearing in on the inner lower lashline.

    @ Elex, they're wonderful :)

    @ Niki, aint is gorgeous?!

    @ Wifelife, I think jewel blues tend to suit most people. You could definitely give it a go!

    @ Karolina, it is a stunner.

    @ LucyyLou, please do, if you like the UD ones you will LOVE these.

    @ Lozzy, thanks.


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