Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Beauty UK 'Paint for Life' Polishes

Beauty UK have recently released a set of three pink polishes in aid of Breast Cancer Research. The idea for this 'Paint for life' set came about from a lady named Sam, when she suggested the idea as a competition entry on Liloo's blog. Each set retails at £5.99, with £1 of that going straight to Breast Cancer Research. What's more, Beauty UK are aiming to raise a minimum of £50,000!

The polishes are named 'Hope' (pale, peachy pink), 'Strength' (hot fuchsia) and 'Love' (bubblegum pink). The shades themselves are all beautiful, staple pink shades which could find a home in any polish collection!

Each polish is opaque in three coats and dries quickly. 'Hope' is the stand out shade to me, finally a pale pink that doesn't look horrific on my yellow hands!

Beauty UK 'Paint for Life' sets are available at £5.99 each from Superdrug and online.


Criminal Nails said...

Yeah you're right! Might that pale pink be THE pale pink?! Can't believe my eyes ;)

Beauty Fiend said...

great shades of pink :)

LucyyLou said...

This set looks great, I'll have to look out for it! :)


Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

All gorgeous and for a good cause <3

http://benebelle.com | @LizzumsBB

E V E L Y N said...

What a pretty set of pinks! I don't usually like pale pinks much, but that one just looks gorgeous x


livv said...

Im running race for life defo getting those to wear on it

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