Up in the Woods...Video/ Photoshoot

My boyfriend, Jonny, loves making films, editing, playing with cameras, so what better way to test out his shiny new Canon 5D than playing in some woods? I snapped pictures (attempting not to get in his way) - it's a challenge  taking photos when the model isn't posing FOR YOU! You might just recognize our model, Lis, from this post where I took photos in her cellar.

These are my three favourite shots, though they look quite flat thanks to Blogger's compression -_- I wish I could upload them in a higher resolution as the depth of field really POPS...ah well!

I'll post links and 'behind the scenes' pictures whenever the final video is put together - but that probably wont be for a while yet. Either way, it's definitely gonna be a stunner...

Follow Lis on Twitter/ her blog/ her Tumblr.
Follow Jonny's blog if you're into filming and editing geekery (and horrific pictures of me).


  1. She's so pretty.. great photos!

  2. These are gorgeous shots, look forward to seeing the video. Gonna pop over to Jonny's blog now. :)


  3. Oh my! These photos are just stunning. What a talent. I am looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Beautiful, absolutely lovely!
    -Imani Love

  5. These are beautiful photos, even at this res.


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