Stocking up on my Collection Essentials

Is anybody else still a bit weird about calling 'Collection 2000' simply, 'Collection'? It sounds like something is missing - collection of what?! Anyway...

After winding up my eyeliner to find approximately 2mm of product left, scraping about my concealer to get some product out and getting wound up by how squishy the nib of my felt tip eyeliner had become, I headed into Boots to restock.

I picked up my third tube of Collection 'Lasting Perfection' concealer, my second wind up eyeliner and God knows what number of 'Fast Stroke' liquid eyeliner. Boots have 3 for 2 on make-up at the moment, so this lot cost me about £7.80ish. Bargain time!

Are there any Collection products you always re-purchase?


  1. YESYESYES it feels like it's missing something, sad times! x

  2. I tend to use the Extreme 24/7 pens instead of the liquid now, but I've gone through many a bottle of Fast Stroke myself. It's just the best and it lasts for donkeys, I love it.

    And yeah... Collection is naff, I'll end up calling it Collection2000 still anyway.

  3. Nice nice :) well for the time being I haven't repurchased much because I like to try out new things a lot.

  4. I prefer Collection 2000 rather than Collection...its so random! These are the two products I repurchase, and back in the day I used to get their mosaic bronzer too!

  5. I totally agree about the name, I feel so strange referring to it as just 'Collection!' I haven't found a product from them that I buy over and over again yet, but I really need to try their concealer, I've read so many good reviews! :)

  6. i will call them 'collection 2000' until i die and that's that and i am not discussing this, lol.
    i think i might need to beat the bullet, the horn, the bull and the iron and buy this concealer and the eyeliner xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  7. They don't sell collection 2000 here but I once bought 2 of their glitter lipglosses when on holiday in cornwall, and I would definitely repurchase if I ever got the chance. I have used them very sparingly and did my best not to contamine them, so they're still fresh after years :D

  8. As if to prove a point, their Twitter is 'collectionlove' because even they can't leave it as just Collection. It's so silly. That concealer is a must have for me too, and I love their Cream Puff lip creams.

  9. I must be the only person not to know that it's now called 'collection' lol! It'll always be collection 2000 though! xo

  10. Maybe they thought '2000' was too 90s? Anyway, I'm with all those who refuse to call it 'Collection', it'll be 'Collection 2000' in my mind!

  11. the cream puff lip creams are lovely and i like the hot looks nail polish too for cheap on trend colours, think bmx bandit is my fave one- i've seen a few in the poundshop of late too, bargainous!

  12. @ Jenny, 100% agreed!

    @ Robyn, I usually use the felt liners too, but fancied a change :) I think I 'learnt' with the Fast Stroke liners, blast from the past!

    @ Daphnée, I usually don't either! Brands have failed to impress me lately though, so it's back to old favourites!

    @ Abbi, ditto! Oooh, I remember those bronzers! I thought they still made them #oblivious

    @ Beauty Mish Mash, the concealer is probably the best product they make imo :)

    @ Liloo, haha, same here I think! 'Collection' just seems wrong. Also, get the regular eyeliner (not waterproof) I'm finding this one keeps flaking :/

    @ Pearl Squirrel, I didn't even know they made glittery lipglosses! Will have a look next time I'm browsing :)

    @ Rae, haha, I thought the same about their twitter name. Swatched the cream puff but didn't like the texture very much. Concealer is awesome though!

    @ wifelifexo, ha, yeah the name change confused us all!

    @ Julianne, yeah, I think they thought is seemed outdated. I guess to younger crowds who've never known them as 'Collection 2000' for long, they wont even notice.

    @ LauraEve, I love the Hot Looks polishes too! I'm actually wearing BMX Bandit today :D Awesome colour!


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