REVIEW - Mini Naked 'My First Butter'

After whining endlessly about Naked discontinuing the most amazing body lotion ever, I accepted my loss (just about) and went on looking for a replacement. Nothing compared. Nothing. Not even Naked's regular body butters! So when Naked offered something they thought *might* compare from their Mini Naked range to try, I was rather curious...

Mini Naked is a range designed to take care of babies delicate skin, so Naked only use gentle, essential ingredients. My First Butter uses shea butter and coconut oil for lashings of moisturizing goodness, lavender oil and aloe leaf juice to soothe and various other things I can neither read nor pronounce to fill in the gaps.

Applied generously each day after a bath or shower, you'll soon feel how beautifully soft your skin becomes. And the softness doesn't last just a few hours, it lasts all day! Perfect! The only flaws are that it smells like plasticine and I can't see this tube lasting long for a fully grown human bean, but for a baby bean, there's plenty.

So, if you're after something sulphate, paraben, petrochemical and silicone free, vegan, 97% natural, light and effective, Mini Naked 'My First Butter' is most likely just what you need. Available from Boots, Superdrug and online at £3.99 for 150ml of product.

Product provided for review purposes. All opinions 100% honest and 100% my own - as always!


  1. Nice, my friend has a little baby..almost toddler, I'll have to see if this is sold to the States.

    I also want to tell you that I awarded you with the Kreativ Blog award:

  2. never heard of this, but it looks great will be keeping an eye out x

  3. Do you mean the cocoa butter one??!! I'll be gutted if that's discontinued :O

  4. @ ChannelHMC, aw, I'm sure it would make a lovely little treat if you can find it :) And thank you - that's very kind of you!

    @ Emily, it's great stuff, love Naked lotions.

    @ Scarlett, yup! The cocoa butter one has gone :( I was told to 'keep an eye out' in regard to it hopefully it will make a comeback!


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