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I grew to enjoy bathing so much over the Easter break that I couldn't wait to buy a few more things from Lush! There really is nothing quite as relaxing as a long, hot, bubbly soak...

 I settled on a 'Creamy Candy' bubble bar as well as 'Think Pink' and 'Dragons Egg' bath bombs. Don't they look pretty all lined up? I'm pretty excited to try the 'Dragons Egg' bath bomb - it smells amazing!

Roughly 90% of the reason I bought this was because I thought it was called 'Candy Mountain'. Yes, I was disappointed when I realized that it wasn't. I want something named after unicorn kidney thieves, damn it!

'Think Pink', bought on a whim because it's cute. Apparently it's full of confetti hearts, which will be a soggy pain to get out of the bath I expect. I should start reading product descriptions before buying them, right?

And since Lush have made is annoyingly impossible for me not to say something about their 'Fighting Animal Testing' campaign with their campaign packaging - here we go. I can get behind the cause since I have a respect for all living things, but I can't say I strongly back it without feeling like a hypocrite. Why? Because this blog is not 'cruelty free' and I've never gone out of my way to buy 'cruelty free.'

While Lush's methods with the window display were undeniably ill thought out on some levels (how would you explain that sight to a young child?) it was effective. It has people talking. It has people questioning their morals when it comes to cosmetics. It sparked debate and, in all honesty, I hope Lush succeed.


  1. Oooh, I used Dragon's Egg last night and it is a lovely bath bomb! It's great fun!
    I love all the bath bomb's you chose!

  2. The Dragons Egg is LOVELY, you're gonna have a fantastic show in your tub!

  3. Think Pink is one of my faves :) don't worry the little hearts are tiny enough to go down the plughole! xx

  4. Ooh I really want to try all of these. Especially the Creamy Candy bubble bar Need to make a little visit to Lush when I get paid I think!

    Enjoy :)!

  5. I love the Creamy Candy bubble bar, it smells like sweets! But the Dragon's Egg is definitely my favourite, it smells gorgeous and looks absolutely incredible in the bath! I hope you like them!:)

  6. I love Creamy Candy, it's so nice to use and smells wonderful! Agree with what you said about the animal testing campaign too, I do hope Lush manage to use their profile and up the pressure with what they're doing x

  7. Great post, I'm your 2000th subscriber! xx

  8. @ Jessica May, I'm looking forward to trying that one the most! It sounds so fun from its description :D

    @ Killer Colours, yay! Can't wait to try it!

    @ Cara, oh good, I had an image of fising gunky paper out of the tub :S

    @ Kirsty, I think Lush stuff would be a lovely pay day treat :)

    @ Beauty Mish Mash, I think I'll be craving sweets after the creamy candy bar! Definitely most excited for Dragon's Egg.

    @ Evelyn, I just hope it isn't too sweet for me!

    @ Anna, thanks and welcome on board!

  9. Great picks, I love creamy candy, I always think it's creamier than when it's dressed up for Christmas. Hearts in think pink usually dissolve


  10. yiha! love reading lush posts since i grow a bigger lush junkie day by day!
    these are treasures for bathing, but why don't you have a closer look at phoenix rising the next time! that one is a blast i'll tell you that!
    gold shimmered purple water containing oil that makes your skin super-smooth, who can say no to that!!??//Azure

  11. Yessss! I have a post that I've been planning, just havent done for a while. I've said it in almost everyone one of my lush posts that Creamy Candy and Think Pink are my favourite, ultimate bath combo! They have been for many years! The hearts usually disolve, depends how long you're in the bath for, they wash down the drain easily if they don't though. Charlieeeeeeeeeeee! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Love Lush! Gotta go back to Brum next week (We have no Lush in staffs) but I'm not allowed to go shopping! Bummerrrr

    Lizzums | @LizzumsBB

  12. @ Lucy, by the sounds of it everyone loves it! Do they change how it looks at xmas time? I never knew that!

    @ Azure, I'm a lover of Lush posts too! I've been eying up Phoenix Rising but a lot of people have said it stained their tub :/

    @ Lizzums, I'll use them together then if they're that good as a combo! Psht, ignore your shopping ban I say :P

  13. I can't! I have bills to pay. Literally. I had to borrow money to pay my council tax :( But I do have savings in the form of small change... :B Yeah, you don't need a lot of the bubble bar either! I get 3/4 uses out of mine. Also love the Comforter, idk if you saw/read my blog and saw me rave about, it also works well (though not as much) but you can easily slice it up in to 8 bits and it's plenty for a bath (I took a pic of how many bubbles I got one time, it was a LOT) I do have a think pink and comforter right now that I haven't touched as well as little bit of creamy candy. All is not lost! :p x

  14. @ Lizzums, ah fair enough, bollocks to 'grown up' things like bills! Haha :) Yus, I love the comforter, it smells AMAZING. Can't wait to soak at the weekend now!

  15. I'm heading to lush this weekend.. so excited. These bombs look great and they're so pretty.


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