Current Skincare Routine for Oily/ Combination Skin

After giving up on caring for my stubborn, oily, blemish ridden skin for years, I started to look back into skin care towards the end of last year. My skin has obviously changed since my younger days, namely that it's become drier in places and less spot prone. I have an oily t-zone, dry patches around my nose and cheeks and large pores. I've mainly been looking into oily busting, blemish clearing products which don't break the bank to balance and revive my skin...

Lush, Yes to Tomatoes and Boots 'Simple Sensitive' range have been making up my favourite routine so far.

Lush 'Coal Face' Soap/ Cleanser: A lightly exfoliating soap perfect for oily, congested skin. The black shade comes from the charcoal (to absorb grease) and liquorice (to soften skin). Lush also add rosewood oil to act as an antiseptic to help keep spots at bay and sandalwood oil to soothe problem skin. I use this as my regular face soap (and occasionally in the shower) and have noticed a significant reduction in break outs, I also love the earthy, liquorice scent and how fresh this makes my skin feel.

 Lush 'Dark Angels' Cleanser: Sometimes, I need a face scrub which, if it were a person, I feel would slap me hard and call me its bitch - that is 'Dark Angels'. When my skin feels particularly worse for wear, I use this thick, super exfoliating cleanser to buff away rough patches, soak up excess oil, add a little moisture and give some antiseptic love. I wouldn't recommend this to those with delicate skin - this is definitely the bad boy of facial exfoliators.

Yes to Tomatoes 'Clear Skin Facial Mask': At £12 for 50ml of product, I did hesitate to buy this at first. However, I do believe that with skin care you get what you pay for - and it would be easy to spend way more if I had the money! You don't need much to cover your face and the results are fantastic. The next day, my skin feels softer and healthier and looks more even. I'd happily re-purchase!

Boots Simple Sensitive 'Protecting Day Moisturiser SPF 15': I originally bought this as part of one of the '3 for 2' deals in Boots, not expecting much at all. There are, however, some utter gems out there for next to nothing! This moisturiser is light, fragrance free, soaks into my skin quickly and keeps oil at bay for quite some time. I actually find this works better as a make-up primer that my £20 Illamasqua 'Matt Primer' - 'nuf said.

Lush 'Coal Face' cleanser - £4.50 for 100g, which lasts ages!
Lush 'Dark Angels' cleanser - £5.95 for 100g, which will last the 3 months it stays fresh for.
Yes to Tomatoes 'Clear Skin Facial Mask' - Around £12 for 50ml, hunt around Google for the best deal.
Boots Simple Sensitive 'Protecting Day Moisturiser' - £1.86 for 125ml of product.

Next I'll be venturing into Murad - wish me luck!


  1. Great post; I adore LUSH face skincare, I normally skip the drugstores now when shopping for skincare! I love anything 'Boots Own' haha - their hair products are particularly great! :)

  2. Your description of Dark Angels made me burst out laughing :D Sounds like a must-try product! I love lush but I sometimes find some of their products a little underwhelming, so haven't used them so much recently, but maybe it's time to give them another go with these products - your descriptions make them sound fab :)


    Just Listen

  3. I have never tried LUSH skincare, guess I should check out what the have for combination skin. I am getting more and more oily with warm weather :/

  4. great post,will be trying the products out as i am experiencing spot issues, will read your murad posts been wanting to try this range myself, so will be useful to me

  5. I love Lush skincare! I use Angels on Bare Skin, but it sounds like I need to try the Dark Angels for when my skin needs that extra kick!

  6. Defiantly going to try the cleansing soap out next time i go in to town :). Great post hun Ax

  7. @ Ellie, ditto! I might try Lush toners next...or see if I can talk myself into buying the £13 moisturiser (forget its name)...I love 'own brands' in general! Always some winners in there!

    @ Rosie, yeah, I think with Lush you either get a dud or a hit. Luckily my Lush store has great staff so they can sort out what would be good for you instantly :) The scrub is awesome if you like a good exfoliator!

    @ Variola Vera, definitely take a look. My skin;s getting drier for some reason :/ Booo!

    @ beano54, thank you!

    @ Beauty Mish Mash, I've never tried Angels on Bare Skin, but if it's a DAMN good scrub you fancy - definitely head for Dark Angels.

    @ Quirky Fox, brilliant, hope you like it :D

    @ MrAJx3, yep, it's hella messy. Nothing wiping a damp flannel around your sink wont solve, though :)

  8. Bought the Coalface on your recommendation (as I mentioned to the shop staff) - MIRACLE PRODUCT! I carve a sliver off every time I use it so I don't have to worry about drying the whole bar out.


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