VEGGIE TASTY: French Onion Soup with Cheesy Garlic Croutons

Since a few of you liked my last Veggie Tasty post about sourcing recipes, I thought I'd share what I've been cooking every now and then!

Yesterday I decided to try making French onion soup, which I regretted almost immediately. Have you ever cut up three large onions?! 'Pain' and 'Crying' are two words which should never be associated with food!

It took forever and tasted a bit bland - the garlic croutons definitely saved it! I'd recommend using a slightly rich but smooth cheese with this - something like Gruyére, which melts beautifully. I used oak smoked cheddar, which lost its lovely smokey flavour when melted - I was rather disappointed!

I think next time I'll load the actual soup with garlic instead of the croutons, use a stronger vegetable stock, Gruyére instead of cheddar, onion salt instead of ordinary salt and fling in some leeks for good measure.

The recipe I used was a bit of a fail, so here's Delia to tell you how to do it right - Delia Online 'French Onion Soup' (just substitute the beef stock with vegetable stock).

Whats your favourite vegetable based soup?


  1. The croutons sound yummy. I love tomato soup! x

  2. omg this looks amazing!! i love french onion soup!!!

  3. YUM!!

  4. The only time I ever tried French Onion Soup I slaved over it for about three hours and still ended up with onion water. Doesn't seem worth the risk of doing it again! Yours actually looks lovely though. Gruyere is a good plan. x


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