REVIEW - No.7 'Vital Enlightening Highlight Powder'

After seeing Lipglossiping's swatches of the No.7 'Floral Brights' Spring collection, I knew I HAD TO own this highlighter.The name is a bit of a mouthful, 'Vital Enlightening Highlight Powder', but who cares when faced with this beauty?!

 Everything in the No.7 'Floral Brights' collection comes in this slightly garish bright yellow and pink floral packaging - isn't it awesome?! It's girly but without being twee - just the right level for me.
 The compact is sturdy and fairly  weighty, I'd be happy to have this bouncing about in my bag all day without worrying about it shattering. I often think mirrors in compacts are a but useless, but this one is big enough to actually see more than just a square inch of your face.

 The powder is pressed with this pretty floral petal design and looks terrifyingly frosty before you swatch and remove the overspray, revealing a glowy, more yellow toned powder. I'd say 'Vital Enlightening Highlight Powder' is a neutral which leans the slightest touch cool, so any skin tone could wear it safely without looking like a Ganguro girl.

The powder is soft and blendable thanks to its high talc content and silicones, making application fool proof. I always apply highlights with a fluffy, angled brush to fit the cheekbone smoothly and blend as I apply - quick and easy!

I'd supply a swatch, but photographing decent highlighters is pretty darn impossible because they just look so natural! That's the case with this one - but I'll definitely be using it in a few FOTDs so keep your eyes peeled...

Priced at £13 for 10g of product - or £8 with your £5 off no.7 vouchers. Available in larger Boots stores and online.


  1. i went in to buy this the other day and my store said they didnt sell them anymore! sob been after it for a while, ill have to try another one! :)

  2. I have this highlight and I LOVE it!! Its amazing and so pretty :)

  3. Wow this is so gorgeous.

  4. That looks really pretty and sparkly. I love a nice sparkly powder!!


  5. It's cute! I might pick this up with a voucher! Looking forward to seeing it in a FOTD. :-) x

  6. Oooh, quite pretty! Though I can't say I use highlighters much!

  7. gorgeous! it looks like an incredible highlighter x

  8. I love this product and I'm glad it was my choice of purchase from this collection. I use it every day in some form and I' think I've just about dented that top layer haha.

  9. i love this stuff I seem to be making a dent in it already and i hardly ever do that!!

  10. I love the look of this, been eyeing up this since I have some vouchers left ;)


  11. @ Victoria, yeah, I'm not sure they're meant to be in store anymore! They are still online, though :)

    @ Harri, I can see this becoming a Spring favourite for me!

    @ Shen, it is indeed :)

    @ DawnieP, I think only the top layer is really sparkley, the rest is more like a sheen.

    @ Powdered Almond, I'm really hoping my camera picks it up in FOTDs! Blends into the skin so well that it looks natural.

    @ Lizzums, highlighters are addictive when you find a few awesome ones!

    @ Evelyn, worth picking up if you fancy a new highlighter :)

    @ Sarirah, ooh sounds like it's been an ideal purchase for you!

    @ Sleepatbeauty, haha wow, making dents in things seems such an achievement doesn't it?!

    @ LucyyLou, snap it up while you can!


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