REVIEW - Marshmallow Blends Body Butter and Sugar Scrub Cubes

Marshmallow Blends is an indie bath and body company run by fellow beauty blogger, Nicoletta. Each product is hand made, packed full of skin loving ingredients and scented with delicious foody fragrances - sounds fab, right?! Marshmallow Blends has quite a girly, cute, fresh look which suits the products perfectly.

Sugar scrub cubes come presented in a large tin with transparent lid and cute candy striped bow. I opted for the 'Lemon Sherbet' fragrance which I absolutely ADORE - zingy, lively and not in the least bit synthetic. 'Lemon Sherbet' pairs perfectly with my favourite lime scented shower gel - delicious :)

I expected that these sugar cubes would turn to mush almost immediately, but to my delight they stay solid long enough to scrub the entire body. Squishing a cube into a paste requires a fair bit of force and a lot of water, so don't worry, they don't vanish down the plug hole as soon as you step in to the shower!

The texture of this body butter is awesome! It's like a mousse, which seems to dissolve into an oil once rubbed into the skin. This doesn't sink in well, instead leaving behind a greasy texture - for this reason I only ever apply it before bed. I do, however, wake up the following morning with beautifully soft skin! 'Applejack Frost' smells like cinnamon, sugar and apple pie filling - it's quite spicy and VERY festive.

Overall, both products smelt fresh and 'real', both fulfilled their intended tasks, both were reasonably priced, postage was a fixed £2.99 and my order arrived quickly. If you're after something more interesting that what you can grab off the shelves of your supermarket, Marshmallow Blends have you covered.

Sugar scrub cubes - £5.99 for one 45g tub. Body butter - £5.99 for 100ml of product. Available from Marshmallow Blends online store.


  1. Oh gosh, I wish she shipped internationally to the United States! The description of the scents are enough to make me intrigued and wanting to order.

  2. OMG, a UK indie B&B shop? Yessssssssssssssssss

  3. That is a very tasty sounding brand! I like to eat sugar cubes.. Must resist. Tempting.

  4. There are no ingredients on the website and when I emailed and asked about them I was told that she was unable to list the ingredients :| worries me a bit to be honest.

    My boyfriend has a really bad nut allergy so I have to be really careful with what I buy.

  5. @ Mandy, if you email her she might be able to arrange something for you?

    @ Robyn, yup! How awesome?!

    @ Lizzums, haha, I was seriously tempted to nibble on the sugar cubes - they smell incredible!

    @ Lisa, how very strange :/ Did she give a reason for not being able to list ingredients? There are ingredients labels on both of these products...

  6. She said she didn't have time :( I just would have thought that it should be one of the first priorities when selling something of this nature.

    Once ingredients are available I would like to try the Parma Violet stuff though. I LOVE those sweets. I just don't want to buy them and then discover that I can't use them :(

  7. @ lisa, wow 0_o That's pretty bizarre. If there are labels for them it should be easy for her to paste them into product descriptions.

  8. Hey girls, thanks so much for the lovely review I'm so pleased you like the things you ordered.
    Listing the ingredients is something I plan to do very very soon. All the ingredients are on the labels but the document I have them in cant be copied and pasted (sadly). I will make it a priority to get them all listed though.
    In the mean time if there is a particular product you want to know about I'm more than happy to email you the ingredients or add them to the website as a priority. I hope that helps and sorry for the inconvenience x

  9. whoaa, this sounds so good xD would love to try it

  10. I just want to point out that Nicoletta has emailed me to let me know that she is listing the ingredients on the site :)

    I really appreciate the fact that the comments on here have been taken on board :) very impressed!

  11. Just to let you know all the ingredients are now listed x

  12. These sound lovely and glad to see the ingredients are listed. When my current body butter is done I'll be trying out one of these. :)


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