REVIEW - Anatomicals Body Butter and Lip Balm

I love when brands have a distinct look and feel - a personality, it makes them feel more approachable. Anatomicals are definitely one of these brands, with bright packaging, puns, cheeky innuendos and weird little slogans - Anatomicals has a clear sense of fun! I was sent a couple of new items to check out...

Orange Flower and Amber Body Butter - Orange flower and amber? Why yes, it does smell as amazing as it sounds! A light, warm floral for people like me who don't usually 'do' florals. I think the amber tones mean that this could pass the 'sniff test' for blokes, too.

Anatomicals body butter sinks in really quickly, without leaving that greasy, clammy feeling which many butter do. This is ideal for topping up moisture after the bath/ shower, but I think those with truly dry skin would need something a bit richer.

Overall, a lovely product which retails at £5 for 200ml - bargain!

Anatomicals 'Never Lose your Cherry' SPF 15 Lip Balm - When I first received this, I kept re-reading the box and tube for the funny (if mildly creepy) innuendos and word play. I still read the tube every time I use it! 'Never Lose your Cherry' has the consistency and look of a gloss (minus the horrible stickiness) with a tiny tint of cherry red. It smells exactly like 'Cherry Drop' sweets - delicious! I love using this just for the scent.

'Never Lose your Cherry' would be ideal for those who like to use balms just for the hell of it, I think those with problematic dry lips would need something more moisturising. My box reads SPF 8, although the press release image and sites this is sold on read SPF 15.

Available at £2.45 for 15ml of product at quite a few online retailers such as ASOS and in store at John Lewis.

Do you use 'Anatomicals'? Any products you would recommend?

Items received for review consideration. All opinions 100% honest and 100% my own - as always!


  1. I always love the look of their items on ASOS, so bright and fun looking. I love the words on the lipbalm, hilarious! They're also such a bargain too, I'm not sure why I've never taken the plunge. Will have to give them a go! xx

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  2. I've never used Anatomicals but loving the sound of that lip blam as love a little bit of a tint!

  3. I love that the cherry has spf!

  4. Have seen this brand a few times but never been persuaded to look at them further until I read this! The body butter sounds lovely x


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