Goodbye GFC - We'd Like to See You Again...

As you may be aware, on the 1st of March Google disabled Google Friend Connect on non-Blogger blogs. As I have a Blogger blog, I didn't give it much thought...until some of my favourite blogs vanished from my reading list.

As a result of the disabling of GFC on non-blogger blogs, bloggers using other platforms have been greatly affected. Visitor numbers have dropped dramatically and an awful lot of bloggers and readers alike feel they've been left in the dark.

To raise awareness of this issue, you'll probably find an awful lot of these posts today - one week after GFC disappeared for many bloggers. If you've been affected, tweet @lipglossiping to be added to the #goodbyeGFC list. If you'd like to raise awareness, please re-post the above image. Find more information about this issue on Lipglossiping.

Hopefully, we'll find an alternative method of subscribing which works well if (like me) you can't hack things like Google Reader, Bloglovin and never check email subscriptions.

Google - bring back Google Friend Connect on non-blogger blogs!


  1. thanks for the support lilybelle xx

  2. it`s a true shame. Bloggers have worked so hard to get readers through GFC and now they see all their work gone in vain. xx


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