FOTD - Sorocco

This is my look to go and see Sorocco Drive in Manchester. They're a pretty darn funky band, mixing some kinda funk/ ska/ blues vibes and ending up with something pretty distinctive. ANYWAY. You wanna see what I did to my face?

EYES - TFSI, UD 'Half Baked', UD 'Smog', UD purple 24/ 7 liner (can't remember the name), UD 'Ransom', UD 'Peace', Barry M black pencil eyeliner, Collection 2000 black felt tip eyeliner, mascara, Kiss false lashes.

FACE - Illamasqua matte primer, No. 7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation, Collection 2000 powder, Sleek 'Life's a Peach' blush, Ben Nye pink blush, No. 7 highlighting powder.

LIPS - MAC 'Blankety', pinky Lancome juicy tube.

^ This was my 'Uh oh, I'm wearing coloured eyeshadow, falsies and hair extensions - my boyfriend wont be impressed.' face. You'll be glad to know it was soon followed by a 'Good thing I don't care! Yay! Colours!' face.

^ And this was my 'Reminder to all #bbloggers that it's fine not to take yourself so seriously.' face.

Now I'm gonna go eat some sweet potato bubble and squeak on toast (best thing ever), pack my bar crawl bag and spray silly amounts of H&M 'Black Vanilla' over myself. Yum on all accounts!

(P.S) I used the Pixiwoo 'Haifa Wehbe' tutorial for this - clickity click.


  1. Haha love the last two pics! Your eye make-up and hair looks amazing :)

    Have fun xx

    I love your style, and I love your looks! I've been stalking your blog for like weeks now xD
    I'm finally FOLLOWING+ !


  3. You look gorgeous and I love your hair :)

  4. Gorgeous as always, absolutely love your hair! xx

  5. Loving the neutral color pop <3

    -Imani Love

  6. thumbs up for not taking yourself too serious!
    Very nice look, I like all the different hues of aqua and blue in your hair and make-up :)

  7. @ Sarah, thanks! It was a good night :)

    @ Tanjaxo, haha, thank you so much! Welcome aboard the BBH blog!

    @ Sophie, aw, thank you! Think I'll be addicted to extensions now :D

    @ Misseblog, thank you!

    @ Imani Love, one of my fave ways to wear colour :)

    @ Pearl Squirrel, aha, thank you! I might add some other blue shades to my hair soon!

  8. You look amazing! The hair is just fantastic I really do adore that shade of aqua :)

  9. I love your hair so much god I wish I could pull that off! Beayoooootiful!

    abbi x

  10. Everything looks gooooood! DEAR!!

  11. t'was a good night....i was drunk :p
    your beautiful and everybody obviously already knows it but your mine. mine i tell you, all mine xxx

  12. Love love love this look! And I'm jealous of your fantastic hair!
    Total mesmerizing look!

  13. I really like the idea of having an under eye liner with the blue is a novel way of doing the eyes and I quite like it.mineral lipstick


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