Beauty's Bad Habit is now on Facebook!

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Phew, I *finally* have a Facebook for Beauty's Bad Habit Blog, seems I'm going a bit social media mad lately!

Now I have another way to be keeping you updated with all things beauty! New posts from Beauty's Bad Habit Blog, press releases and offers that don't make it to the blog, links to make-up looks/ posts from other bloggers I love, indie make-up company updates (helloooo sales and new collections), trends I'm falling for and loads of photos to keep your eyes entertained.

I'll also be posting occasionally about my other interests - veggie food, baking and photography.

So pop along and 'like' Beauty's Bad Habit Blog on Facebook - go oooon, I know you've got it open :P

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  1. Very cool. I will have to log into facebook and like your page.


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