REVIEW - Neom 'Rose and Neroli' Organic Treatment Candle

Nothing quite beats a beautifully scented candle for a little bit of luxury at home that the entire family will love. Neom candles are not only organic, but they're jam packed with essential oils in beautiful blends of scents aimed to relax, energize or just boost your mood.

Each candle comes beautifully presented in a sturdy card box printed with Neom's logo and the product name. The flash of gold which sits just below the lid gives a real luxury feel against the crisp white of the rest of the box - very chic. The candle itself is housed in a weighty, clear glass with the Neom logo printed across. A simple and traditional design which would blend effortlessly into any style or colour of room.

Neom candles are made with vegetable wax and pure essential oils, which means they burn clean and smell strong. I found the 'Rose and Neroli' scent lingered for hours after the flames were blown out - I could actually smell it very clearly even when it wasn't burning. The rose is clean and fresh, not grannyish, the neroli surprisingly zingy.

[[ When I first lit the candle - in a power cut! ]]

This kind of scent, which Neom claims soothes, lifts the spirits and calms the mood was definitely what we needed when our power cut out! We may have been sat in the dark, cursing the electricity board at first, but we soon calmed down, chatting and joking quite merrily with this little gem burning away in the background.

Neom home candles cost £37.50 each, which may seem steep, but when they burn for 55 hours and you're only supposed to burn them for around 2 hours at a time, the scents are strong, they burn clean, the packaging is gorgeous, the wax burns away evenly AND they act as holistic treatment...It's fair.

Available from the Neom website.

Received for review consideration. All opinions 100% honest and 100% my own - as always!


  1. Sounds lovely. I love scented candles x

  2. This sounds so lovely. I'm currently using the new Happiness Travel Candle from Neom that came with this month's Amarya box and it's gorgeous! x

  3. I've heard so much about Neom candles - I really want to try one :)

  4. hi!To my also I like very much the perfumed candles. Regards from Spain


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