REVIEW - Miss Sporty 'Dr Balm' in '03 Gossip'

Does anyone else have the annoying habit of utterly annihilating their favourite lip balms in the washing machine? I do. My lip balms always end up in a watery grave! After destroying two Darling Girl Cosmetics lip balms in this manner, I was on the look out for something cheap and cheerful...

Miss Sporty 'Dr. Balm' is a new product to the line - a moisturising, healing lip balm with a super faint hint of colour. 'Dr. Balm' first caught my eye due to the slightly old school packaging, but what really sold me was the smell - watermelon sweets! Easily pleased, right?! I also love that these have lipstick shaped bullets, which makes them feel less like a balm and more like a make-up product.

So far, I'm impressed! 'Dr. Balm' moisturises well, lasts a long time, smells delicious, provides the perfect amount of sheer colour and best of all - they're only £1.99! Bargain or what?!

Available in five shades. Purchase in Superdrug or the Miss Sporty website at £1.99 each.


  1. I love the colour, what a bargain. xx

  2. These actually look really nice, I might have to renounce my slightly snobby ways and not walk past Miss Sporty in future ;)

  3. Think I may have to hunt these down. I have an unhealthy obsession with tinted balms!

  4. I was going to buy one of these the other day but couldn't decide on which colour (even tho they are sheer colours)
    I really need to go out & get one now :)

    Http:// x

  5. Argh. I'm a bit of a balm addict at the minute. Never spotted these before. Now I am intrigued. Like seriously, I got three new ones in the post today and yet I am considering this... :\

  6. Oh, I am always doing that! But I've been lucky as whenever they go through the wash, they miraculously don't get any water in them and they survive! I'm also good at loosing lipglosses and finding them a week later somewhere silly like the floor of my car, haha.

    That lipgloss looks awesome, like an old school red lipstick, loving it!

  7. Im forever loosing lip balms so do tend to opt for the cheap options! Not tried this one yet though


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