REVIEW - Freshlook Colours Green Contact Lenses

Ever since I was a mini 'goth' kid, I've loved the look of contacts. My 11 year old self marveled at the spectacle of Marilyn Manson's single white contact he occasionally wears and wished I was ballsy enough to try them. Yup, the idea of wearing contacts terrified me to the core, so much so that I developed quite a fascination. However, this fascination/ admiration was from afar - until recently...

I received a pair of Freshlook lenses in my chosen colour (green) and finally overcame my fear! They come in a small box, with details of diameter size, base curve, lens strength etc. The lenses themselves are in individual plastic pods with a thick foil seal. It should be noted that the pods ARE NOT resealable - so if you plan to wear these for the month that they last for, buy lens cases and solution.

So, here's my natural eye colour - dark, warm brown. My eyes are actually darker than flash would have you believe - to the point where I've actually been asked if my eyes are black before! This has been one reason I've never bothered with lenses in the past - would they even show up?

Yes! Miraculously, they did. The effect was pretty subtle in standard lighting and gave my eyes more of a hazel look than a straight up green. Again, flash would have you believe these contacts give an obvious colour, but on my dark eyes, they didn't. Still, they were pretty and quite natural looking.

Since this was my first time wearing contacts, popping them in got a bit annoying! I kept blinking them out and having to rinse them with lens solution - so if you're a first timer, definitely have some solution to hand. I found  the 'look up, blink and look down' method useless - much easier just to place them where they ought to be in the first place. In future, I'll definitely do lower liner/ mascara AFTER lenses, too.

These Freshlook Colours lenses were really comfortable, which surprised me! I expected lenses to feel weird, but after a few hours I forgot I was actually wearing them. If you're looking for comfy, natural looking lenses, I'd definitely give Freshlook...well...a look.

Available from Getlenses in a range of colours and strengths.

Product received for review purposes. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!


  1. Your eyes look so pretty green! I am starting to consider colored contacts...hmmm :)

  2. wow they look really natural from afar, i would not have thought they were lenses! i've only ever tried 1 pair of purple ones but i loved the way they looked! xx

  3. love the green lenses, and your hair looks cool <3

  4. These do look wicked, but I'm still not convinced of wearing lenses for non-optical purposes! I wear them everyday and it really bugs me sometimes that people would choose to wear pieces of plastic in their eyes whilst I actually wear them 'cause my vision in them is better than if I wear my glasses, haha! Definitely wait until they're comfortably in to put makeup on, less risk of eye infections and getting crap in them :) x

  5. These look really good! I've only worn 'crazy' lenses, not plain coloured ones.

  6. It looks nice, but I like your brown eyes better :) Great review, I had no idea contacts were that flexible!

  7. you look good in them, and not have these eye-popping looks that most lenses give you! but i trust you more with dark brown eyes i think hehe!/Azure

  8. So are they coloured and prescription? I've never bothered with the colours because I wear them for sight but if they are both thats pretty cool. Plus they look Great!

  9. @ Kassie, thanks! Contacts are fun to wear but I'll probably only wear them for Halloween etc in future!

    @ Irene Hua, they looked even more natural in natural light! Flash made them pop a bit more. Purple contacts sound interesting...

    @ Elisa, aw, thank you! Need to re-dye my hair soon :S

    @ Jenny, I'm not entirely convinced either. I definitely wouldn't wear them as much as somebody who actually NEEDS contacts would and wouldn't recommend others do. Will stick to contacts for Halloween and messing about with make-up looks!

    @ Robyn, they're more natural than I expected (which is a good thing)! I have some 'white out' lenses, too, which I'm looking forward to trying :)

    @ Pearl Squirrel, I prefer my brown eyes too :) I was surprised they were so flexible, makes them comfier to wear though I guess!

    @ EyeGraffiti, haha, trust me more with brown eyes?! Hahahaha :P

    @ Hope234, these aren't prescription (mine are zero strength) but you can also choose your prescription if you need them for sight, too. :)

  10. I am terrified of contacts it is the whole finger in the eye aspect! That being said the green is really lovely and looks truly natural, your skin is bloody flawless missy!

  11. I get asked the same question about my eyes being so dark too. I have wanted to try coloured lenses for years, but have never been sure that they would show up. I have used the crazy ones before and now will definitely be buying some coloured ones!

  12. I love my Freshlooks! You should try the purple or blue ones. They are very striking. With the right makeup, the violet ones kind of glow for me. People stare until they figure out what's off. Lots of fun!!!


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