Blog Photography Tip - Infinity Curves

Infinity curves make taking pretty decent product photos effortless. The 'theory' is, that by having no edges behind your object, a feeling of endless space is created. Why would you want that? So that there are no harsh lines or gradients in light behind your object - giving a cleaner background with all the focus on your object.

How to Create a Basic Infinity Curve

1. Take a sheet of plain, white paper and pin it to your wall/ desk/ wherever so that bout half remains on the floor. This will create a soft curve. I'm using sketching paper, but cheap, glossy paper would be better!

2. Compose your shot and take it.

3. Edit, if need be. Finne!

Here's my shot - notice how there's no feeling of the background and 'floor' meeting? I'd usually use a studio light and two reflectors to balance the light a little better (see how grey it is around the edges), but I thought I'd show what ANYONE with some paper, two pins and a camera can achieve.

If you have any photography questions, please check out my Beauty Blog Photography 101 post as most will be answered there :)

Hope that was helpful!


  1. This is how I've recently been taking pics! I wanted to make a light box but this seemed much simpler and cheaper!

  2. Thanks for this post! It will definitely improve my blog pictures, that usually are quite poor... Thanks!!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I should really start focusing on taking better pictures.... but I'm lazy!

  4. Thanks for sharing this cool tip!

  5. This is a great tip. I cannot wait to try. Thanks :)

  6. Even dum dums like me can do this! :D

  7. You always have such excellent photography tips on your blog and you make them easy for others who have no idea about photography (like me!) to understand! Great post!

  8. So awesome, used this today. So effective!

    Thank you


  9. Thanks so much for such a simple, yet useful tip. I'll definitely try this as I've been using an A3 pad but hate it when the 'joins' show!

    Nic x
    ps totally love how your creativity shines through your blog - you're very inspiring :)

  10. brilliant tip!! must do that xx


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