NOTD - Barry M Ice Cream Nails

As much as I love my dark, shimmery polishes, sometimes brighter, creamier shades call out to me. This week, I fancied something a bit cheery to contrast with all the black I usually wear! That resulted in me pulling out a five of my prettiest Barry M shades.

Brown - Barry M 'Mushroom'
Blue - Barry M 'Pure Turquoise'
Pink - Barry M 'Strawberry Ice Cream'
Yellow - Barry M 'Lemon Ice Cream'
Purple - Barry M 'Berry Ice Cream'

As you can see, I really loved Barry M's 'Ice Cream' collection of nail polishes. I think they were released about two years ago, but you'll still find them for sale.

The background for these pics is the cover my Mum made for my drawing tablet - isn't the fabric lovely? Not a fabric I'd have chosen myself, but it stands out well against all my dark sketchbooks and gloomy boxes of abused paints!

Do you own any of these nail polishes? Are you a dark bright polish kinda girl - or a bit of both?


  1. I love pastels on my toes and darks on my fingers :) xx

  2. I own Strawberry I/C and Berry I/C and they have to be my most used polishes as I'm about half-way through each bottle (this is a big thing for me aha!). I'm a bit obsessed with pastels and the Ice Cream collection definitely didn't disappoint! x

  3. Love this! Looks just like ice cream! :) x

  4. Berry Ice Cream is one of my favourite polishes ever, its sooo gorgeous! :) xx

  5. Aw these are so cute, especially the pink and the lilac :-)

  6. I think at one point i had all of these except the yellow! I love Barry M polishes, great colours and very affordable!

  7. Even though I live in the US, I love those berry m polishes! I have all of those pastel colors (different brands) and am so exited to break them out for the summer!!!!!! gotta love those pastels

  8. I love the Barry M mint nail polish, which would look lovely with these colours! So may have to invest xo

  9. I love these colours, they remind me of message heart candies!

  10. I love the blue, pink and yellow shades, so sweet


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