The IMATS 2012 Experience!

IMATS is the make-up lovers dream event, top make-up brands have stalls there, amazing make-up artists give demos, new techniques and products are unveiled and it's an incredible place to network. I was mega excited to be able to go this year, mostly to see the SFX work, but shiny, pretty things are always a bonus!

[[ Inglot false lashes ]]

The first thing I noticed was how busy it was! Of course, I knew this from going a few years before, but the sheer volume of people around tiny stalls is so off-putting. There were not as many exhibitors as previous years and I was surprised to walk through a few rows of stalls to be met by a seating area - I literally said, 'Is this it?!'

 [[ Sleek's stall looked incredible with the giant palette! ]]

 Small (for IMATS) or not, it was great fun to walk around swatching, staring and just soaking up the buzz about the place. I loved being able to play with brands I don't usually have access to - Ben Nye, Kryolan, Make-up Forever, NYX etc.

 [[ Inglot Eyeshadows ]]

Most brands had around a 20% discount - though some had up to 40% off! The star of the show, for me, were Make-up Forever. MUFE had amazing prices and their products looked utterly fabulous, I had a great time browsing the stall and walked away with a couple of eyeshadows. I was so restrained, as honestly I could have bought a ridiculous amount from them!

The dud stall was Illamasqua - who has clearly underestimated how much they would sell on Saturday and were selling the dregs off at 3 for £10 on Sunday. A good deal, yes, but they only had about 10 products to choose from! I was incredibly disappointed as I had planned on dropping quite a pretty penny with them and those who attended on Saturday were treated to items at a fiver a piece. Poor planning? I think so.

 [[ Inglot Lipsticks ]]

Leanne (Donotrefreeze) and Kim (DottieK) joined me for a little while and were kind enough not to comment on my slightly frazzled appearance and demeanor after trekking uphill in snow haha :) Unfortunately I had to dash off with my friend, Ann, to buy some clay from Mouldlife so we didn't get to talk for long! I also got to listen to how one of the staff at Mouldlife created a gruesome looking burn and gave some sculpting tips to Ann, he also gave her his email address to she could contact him for help! How awesome is that?!

[[ SFX 'Dentures' ]]

The SFX work was so incredibly inspiring! The 'Make-up Museum' which showcased fabulous pieces of prosthetic work and sculpts was definitely a highlight for me. I mean...I saw Abe Sapien's neck piece! I'd planned on seeing Nick Dudman's demo, too, but it was rescheduled for Saturday after I'd already booked for Sunday :( I'll be putting more pics of the SFX stuff on my other blog, Little Apparition. My main highlight was seeing Pixiwoo and being totally starstruck, they were so friendly, genuine and gave honest, realistic advice in their 'Q&A' session. They're even more gorgeous in person!

[[ Staff at Cinema Make-up School stall giving a demo ]]

 It's often asked, 'Is IMATS really worth the money?' and I always think it's worth remembering that IMATS is primarily a trade show. Trade shows are well worth it for those actually working in make-up - for 'the average consumer','s more of a treat.

Personally, I doubt I'll go again, the price, unexpected schedule changes, crowds and combined 8 hours of travel slightly outweigh the 'fun' element for me. However, where else would I see so much fabulous SFX work?! Request for ISFXMTS, please!

Did you go to IMATS this year? What did you think to it?


  1. Great Pictures looks amazing I want to go some day :D x

  2. I didn't go this year, but tbh I'm kind of glad I didn't in a way, I was going to go for both days! I know to go on the Saturday next year! All the SFX demos look amazing :)

  3. i would have loved to have seen the SFX stuff! I've always been quite fascinated by it. wasn't able to go this year but thinking about it for next, though it's pretty pricey! x

  4. Kudos to Sleek for the effort their pop up shop looks fab! So sad I couldn't go sucks to be Scottish haha! Your last paragraph pretty much sums up why I didn't attend in all honesty.

  5. I was really jealous when everyone was talking about IMATS and in some ways i still wish I was going but then I thought about it and realised that it'd probably end up costing around 150 quid... with train fares, entry fee and then the stuff i would buy whilst there!

    so overall, not really worth it!
    Great post though!

  6. I was seriously suprised to the decrease of booths this year, not to mention the sky high price to pay for the actual ticket! Only got three things in the end :D x

  7. makes me wish i was there even more! hope you had fun though!/Azure

  8. I would love to go but I probably wouldn't buy that much - probably wouldn't even equal the entry fee!

  9. I love the looks of the false lashes!

  10. I am very excited about IMATS coming in NYC. It will be its second year there so I'm not expecting too much but I am jumping out of seat with excitment!!! I'm going to go to school for SFX straight out of high school and can not wait to see all the demonstrating!

    Show us your haul? Love the bloggy <3

    -Imani Love

  11. Sounds like it was a good time despite the cost and unexpected changes. I'd love to go to an IMATS even some day!

  12. I would love to go to the one in Sydney Australia one day to be able to experience and feed my makeup love. Inlogt shadows look amazing as always but a shame about illamasqua

  13. I'm thinking about going to IMATS in LA. Ah even with the crowds, it still sounds like fun. Hopefully the one in LA is a bit more put together.

  14. Ive always wanted to go but for me the general cost of tickets/travelling/finding somewhere to stay and actually having money to spend (cos hell i would be like a kid in a candy shop) just makes it a bit hard for me to attend ...looks so amazing though

  15. Need to get me some of those ingot lashes! Just fab! xo

  16. Illamasqua apparently did that here too, (missed out last year due to it being 12hrs away), You would think if they had troubles here they would definitely there!


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