Carmine February Box

I've had quite a few Carmine boxes sent for review in previous months and I'm always impressed. This month is no different! With February's theme being 'Fresh. Fun. Colour', Carmine want to remind you what Spring is all about...

Carmine are sticking to their original black box, lime interior, scarlet paper packaging - which I love. It really makes them stand out in a sea of pink beauty boxes. Carmine always include a little guide to everything in the box, which often have discount codes so that you can stock up on your favourite products for less. So what does February's box house?

Steam Cream - Steam Cream have been making waves in the beauty industry ever since their launch, with straight forward ingredients, a light weight formula and 'steam technology' it's hardly surprising! Steam Cream keep their simple product interesting with heaps of funky tin designs. This is the stand out product of the box for me.

Balance Me 'Super Moisturising Body Wash' - Balance Me are a skincare brand from the UK, specialising in beautiful products made from natural ingredients. I'm all for supporting UK companies, so I'm really excited to try this out! I was surprised that this body wash smells quite masculine, very earthy and herby. I've a feeling lots of gents will be nabbing this from their ladies!

Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish - I'm already a fan of Andrea Fulerton polishes, the colour range is vast and includes some really unique shades. While I wouldn't call this a Spring time colour, it's definitely a 'me' colour and a shade I can see plenty of ladies appreciating.

Yardley London 'Peony' Fragrance - I know A LOT of people whinged when another beauty box company included a perfume sample in a box, so Carmine cleverly included this as an extra! Personally, I like perfume samples since I'm looking to buy a new one. Yardley London 'Peony' is warm, floral, and clean - perfect for Spring, but not something I'd go for.

Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick - Not a brand I've had experience with before, so I was intrigued by this mini lippy. They have a similar scent to MAC lipsticks, last quite a while and are only a touch drying. The shade I received is 42, a bronze/ rose/ brown hybrid which would look killer on Asian skintones.

 White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste - At first I thought it odd to include an everyday essential in a beauty box...then I thought, 'Well, without it we'd all sure as Hell have ugly smiles!' I haven't tried this yet, but having slightly tea stained gnashers I'll definitely get my use out of it.

Overall, another great box from Carmine. I'd recommend checking these guys out if you're looking into beauty boxes, since there hasn't been a 'dud box' yet!

Available from, priced at £12.75 (inc p&p) per month.

Product received for review purposes. All opinions 100% honest and 100% my own, as always!


  1. sounds like a good offering, I love Andrea Fulerton polishes, that looks like a nice vampy shade.

  2. love the pattern of the SteamCream tin that you got, looks cool! i also got the 42 shade lippy and really like it :) a great box this month!

  3. that's amazing, steamcream is my fave product ever and its a tenner at least so it's so nice to get a full size one :)

    Great review xxx
    Love Amie

  4. I can vouch for WhiteGlo, I've been using it for almost a year now! Boots has 3for2 offer now and then so I stock up! I drink about 3-4 coffess/teas a day and it certainly whitened my teeth!

  5. I wish Carmine was available for US readers. It seems far better than most the beauty boxes available to us, which are quite cheap in the sense that the products are not worthwhile. :-(


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