REVIEW - Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Victorian Disco Cosmetics are one of the newer kids in the indie cosmetics block, but already they're making a bit of a wave. When I received my samples, I could clearly see why...

The samples I received were a mix from the 'Galaxy Down the Street', 'Sailor Scouts' and 'Rococo Roller Rink' collections. It's evident to see that Victorian Disco Cosmetics are taking on a couple of themes made popular over the last couple of years in the indie world - geekery and history. Geekery is usually lost on me - but who wouldn't want an eyeshadow called 'Yoda's Yoga Mat'?!

Sample baggies are pretty darn generous, there's loads in there to keep you going until you purchase bigger sizes. The labels are very, very similar to that of Shiro Cosmetics, clean, clear with all the information you could wish to know.

[[ Yoda's Yoga Mat, The Force - Use It, R2, Death Star ]]

'The Force - Use It' is actually one of the most unique and beautiful colours I've ever come across! I wish I could have photographed it better, because I know it doesn't look like much in the swatch. A soft, minty green with soft baby pink duochrome - so gorgeous.

[[ Monarchy, Diana, Tuxedo Mask, Tatooine, Powder Wig ]]

'Powder Wig' is another show stopper - a pale silver with just the faintest hint of pink. I can see 'Tuxedo Mask' becoming popular, it really reminds me of MAC 'Deep Purple' pigment and would be a great liner shade. 'Monarchy' is a definite Urban Decay 'Graffiti' dupe!

[[ Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Jupiter ]]

Love, love, love 'Sailor Jupiter'! There's a coppery undertone, which makes this otherwise clean, grassy green quite intriguing.

Overall, great pigmentation and blendability, wear time is average over a primer and base and there are no streaks or chalkiness. A lot of the colours were simple, 'stock' type shades (no - not repacked micas, each shade is mixed specially) but stock shades are stock for a reason - people like 'em! There were a few hidden gems, but if you have a lot of indie eyeshadows already, I'd definitely recommend going for the more interesting looking shades. DEFINITELY get a jar of 'The Force - Use It' - I promise you'll love it!

Full Jars - $4.50
Sample Jars - $1.75
Sample Baggies - 10 for $9, 20 for $16.

Available from Victorian Disco Cosmetics Etsy store.

Samples sent for review purposes. All opinions 100% mine and 100% honest - as always.


  1. I think these have fast become my fave indie company! Im abit of a geek so the names majorly stand out to me, as well as the glitter!! Im really looking forward to what ashley comes out with in the future ^_^
    I have some of the starwars collection, but looking at your swatches, i must have the sailor scout one too!! Love love <3

  2. I'm just starting to get into Indie Makeup companies, and I'd love to give these a try!!
    I think I'm going to order a sample pack and see what I think. The force-use it it STUNNING. I love blues anyway but omg, I NEED.

    LOVE! <3

  3. Great review I'm definitely gonna have to try out the star wars themed shades
    : ]

  4. Hey- these are pretty! I love the Diana color! Sweet!

  5. I'll have to order some sample baggies. I love anything Sailor Moon!

  6. GREAT review!! I love the colors. They are so vibrant.

  7. STAR WARS NAMES?! I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  8. Great review, I love all the colors. They are so beautiful!

  9. Thank you so much for the lovely review :) I'm really happy you enjoyed the shadows and I love the swatches!

  10. The force looks great :) I like the finish too, it's not totally matte but not shiny either, and finishes like that are great for making a look a tad more interesting.

  11. Beautiful selection of shades. I don't usually work with loose shadows because I'm so clumsy but I'm tempted to at least order some samples and see how I get on. (Obviously, I'm going to want colours based on their names regardless of how useful that colour will be to me. I'm silly :p ) x

  12. I can see some of the pink duochrome in The Force - Use it. It's so unique! I have my eye on Tuxedo Mask, too - it looks so rich!

  13. Hey- thanks for following and comenting my blog, I only discovered yours yesterday and it's without a doubt one of my new favourites! (You should wear Hot Chilli more, it's such a good colour!)
    I love the fact some of these are named after Star Wars!!- Tattooine looks like a great shade, I'm so into coppers and variations of at the moment. Xx

  14. Oh wow, I can't believe someone has made Star Wars themed eyeshadows! I need them all, such pretty colours too. Thanks for the review Lily.


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