REVIEW - Lush 'Sunnyside' Bubble Bar

Before this week, I hadn't had a bath in years. Not that I'm stinky or anything, but for me baths just conjure up memories of boredom and Dove soap from when I was little! And 20 is probably too old for those colour changing bubble baths - not at all though, can you still buy those?! -  which were the one 'fun' thing about bath time! However, when I set eyes on the Lush 'Sunnyside' bubble bar, it had to be mine.

Do I even need to explain? It is gold. It is glittery. Shiny things make me happy.
*Happy dance*

Giddiness aside, the glitter can be a tad annoying...Directly after I bought this, I had glitter all over my hoody, over the floor, on my jeans, my face, I also got some around my camera lens when I came to photograph it! If you buy 'Sunnyside', prepare to sparkle.

I chopped my bubble bar into two, then crumbled one half under the tap as my bath filled. It crumbles and dissolves pretty quickly. At first, the water just looked plain yellow and I was disappointed by the lack of visible glitter. When I climbed in, it was a totally different story...

The water swirls with golden shimmer, like little clouds of colour just below the surface. Everytime you move, the shimmer clouds stir up - they're beautiful to watch! This is down to 'Gold Lustre Sparkle' - basically, a mix not too far off mineral eyeshadows. The orangey, citrus smell is delicate and refreshing, certainly perked me up. I was surprised by how silky the water felt, I was also left with equally silky skin! I was sad that no glitter stuck to me, though, but most people would prefer not to look like a glitter ball after a bath.

Once the water drains away, 'Sunnyside' leaves a trail of mica and glitter which washes away easily. I couldn't help but think what a gorgeous eyeshadow 'Sunnyside' post-bath residue would make, just look at those swatches!

Overall, a genuinely awesome product which looks, smells and makes you feel 100% fabulous.

Available at Lush stores and online at £3.50 for 100g of product.


  1. oh it's lush stuff. i cant cope with stuff which doesnt bubble but this would make a gorgeous present for the lush aficionados.
    what a lovely eyeshadow indeed this would have made. snif :/ xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. These photos are absolutely awesome!
    It sounds lovely too. I might have to pick one up. xx

  3. I always worried with these that I'd come out looking like a discoball and that might be a bit weird for work or something. But it sounds nice! I'm really enjoying luxy baths at the moment, may try this. :-) x

  4. this reminds me of another bubble bar lush had a few holidays ago..i think it was called ruby red slippers or something along those lines. looked the same, but was red and smelled of cinnamon and just awesomeness. i loved it.

  5. I'm always drawn to this one when I got to Lush but unfortunately, it's the fact that it spits out glitter that stops me from the purchase. :/ Not seen a "lush bubble bar" swatch before though! Very pretty. :D x

  6. Okay i need to go to lush right now i got a bath bomb from there a while ago and it was green with shimmer/glitter type stuff in it really cant remember the name but it smelt so nice even if it did make me feel slightly strange sitting in a bath of green water :\

  7. I love lush bath bombs and products so much! did the glitter not stay on your skin once you got out the bath? x

  8. Aww I love bath bombs/bars/ anything bath related. & I also love anything that glitters. So this looks like a winner for me! :)
    I'll definately have to try this! :)

  9. This would bubble up if you used a jug to disturb the water, just keep filling the jug and pouring it back in at height and the bubbles will definitely come. x

  10. @ Liloo, it does bubble :) Lots of bubbles, I just didn't take a pic of the entire bath to show them. Defi make a great little gift for a glitter lover!

    @ Meg, thanks! You should get one if you can!

    @ Powdered Almond, I didn;t have a speck of glitter left on me :( I thought that was a shame - love me some glitter!

    @ lovethatlavenderbrunette, omg that sounds incredible! I hope they re-promote it this Xmas.

    @ Sarirah, yup, the glitter trail was a bit annoying :/ Definitely worth it though :)

    @ xsafare, hmm...I'm gonna have a look and see if I can guess which one you're thinking off. I'm such a kid, love coloured bath water #5yearsoldatheart

    @ What Larry Loves, it is!

    @ Kelly, no, all the glitter washed away :( I was kinda sad about that!

    @ Becca, ditto! I think you'd love it :)

    @ Claire, bubbles appeared as soon as I started to crumble it. I just didn't take a photo of the bath to show them :)

  11. makes you feel like cleopatra or someone decadent! i love it and it would make a great eyeshadow indeed


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