Exhibitors I'm Looking Forward to at IMATS 2012!

This year I'll be popping along to IMATS on the Sunday, I'd originally planned on going both days - but it wasn't to be. I'm super excited and can't wait to drop far too much money with certain exhibitors...

Charles H. Foxe - For all of my Kryolan needs. I have a bit of a soft spot for Kryolan, since our kits at college were primarily Kryolan products.

Guru Makeup Emporium - DUH MAKEUP FOREVER. Do I even need to explain? Pretty colours...

Illamasqua - I'll probably pick up some bizarrely coloured lipstick and a cream blush or three. I really hope Alex Box is there, though I'd more than  likely just point and stare like a moron!

Inglot - I'd love to have a look in person at Inglot, they receive a lot of good reviews, but access is extremely limited. Plus, their website is a joke. Speaking of jokes - didn't they randomly bump their prices up at last year's IMATS? Second thoughts, maybe I'll avoid them...

- It's no secret that we get ripped outta the arse on prices for NYX in the UK...I might just make a mental list of shades I like and order from the US! Even with shipping, it would work out cheaper!

Paperself - These lashes are to die for! I've been putting off buying any since they're not exactly re-usable but I may be swayed once I see them in person...

Real Techniques - Who doesn't have a thing for the Pixiwoo sisters? Well I sure as Hell do. The Real Techniques brushes look fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on one of the sets.

Treasure House of Makeup - For my Ben Nye fix. I remember the first time I went to IMATS, these guys showed me how to do some really cool scar and cut effects. They were lovely, chatty...and from my town. Clearly going to support a local make-up company!

Wigs Up North - The lady who runs this company worked with us while we learnt wig making at college. She's very skilled, patient and supportive - it would be great to see what she's been working on recently.

Wolfe Face Art and FX - You can't be into make-up if you don't know who the Wolfe brothers are. It's just unheard of! It would be incredible if they were actually there...otherwise, I'll settle for some face paints and gore.

Are you at IMATS this year? What are you most looking forward to?


  1. I really want to go to IMATS, I didn't even realise they did one in London!
    But I doubt I'll be able to afford it, and if I can it'll mean limited spending booo!!!! I hope you have a great time x

  2. Ah, I was hoping to make this years imats but there was a change of plans. I'll go in 2013 and I'll be saving up all year!

    I'd mostly for brands that are hard to get your hands on in Belgium and just for the awesome make-up overload experience :)

  3. IMATS is the plan for 2013! Have a great time and happy spending, haha. :p x


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