NOTD - Barry M 'Orchid', Meet 2True 'Shade no. 10'

Today I raided my Mum's nail polish to see what I could find after I stupidly left all of my polishes in Bolton! Amid a sea of dated shell, sheer peaches and gloopy reds I found two little hidden gems - Barry M 'Orchid' and 2true 'Shade no. 10'.

Barry M 'Orchid' is a frosty mave-purple with the faintest touch of silver, opaque in 2 coats. 2true 'Shade no. 10' is quite unique for the UK polish market, a mauve-purple with pale green duochrome. However, it is MEGA sheer, so works best layered over dark colours. I layered 'Shade no. 10' over 'Orchid' for just a hint of shimmer - it would look epic over black!

Both of these shades would be perfect for work, formal evenings etc but for me they're just too...boring...for everyday wear. Yes, yes, the colours themselves are nice but I'm already itching to be dousing my nails in glitter and bright shades!

Barry M is available for £2.99 at Superdrug, Boots and online. 2true is available from Superdrug priced at £1.99, or any 3 items in the 2true range for £5.


  1. Actually love these colours! Love what you said about your mum's nail polish collection- my mum is quite the same :o) x

  2. I have used 2true polish before and it is pretty good for the price! I love the colour of these too :)


  3. I have the Barry M and it's lovely, they both look really good :) x


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