MISSION MERMAID - Directions 'Turquoise' and 'Midnight Blue'

Yesterday I thought, 'Bollocks to this!', whipped out the bleach, dye and scruffy old shirt and got to work. I'm not very good at resisting things like temptation, so having the bleach and dye to hand all this time - I'm surprised it took me this long to break!

I bleached my hair to a pale yellow/ orange, sectioned it into chunks, dyed chunks alternately with Directions 'Turquoise' and 'Midnight Blue' and then conditioned the bejesus out of it. You can't really tell there are two separate dyes in there unless you're really looking - I think that's thanks to my haphazard dying style! I love the different shades in it, ranging from pale minty blue to almost neon turquoise - bit I think that's more thanks to how some parts were paler than others after bleaching.  

 I LOVE IT. Aint it just the prettiest colour eveeeer?! It's like the crown jewels mated with the coral reef or something equally nonsensical and magical. Despite breaking my vow not to bleach/ damage my hair until it was much longer, I think it was worth it! Next time, though, I think I'll go for Special Effects 'Fishbowl' - a paler, more aqua shade.

Directions dyes can be bought from eBay for around £2.99 - £3.50. The lippy I'm wearing is Barry M 52.


  1. It's a lovely colour! Great price too, when i use to dye my hair i used Directions too but it was never that cheap!


  2. Lily this looks gorgeous! x

  3. Oh that's amazing! I was with my friend buying some hair dye the other day, she went with purple but I was trying to steer her towards some kind of amazing blue like this.

  4. oh my! I love it! This makes me wanna reach for the dye again too. Such a nice colour :) xx

  5. This REALLY makes me want to put some bright colors in my hair. It looks gorgeous. I envy your courage!

  6. When I was in high school, there was a girl with a crazy color like that and I envyed her soooooo much!

  7. INSANELY pretty! Love love love it.

  8. That's a really good idea to use more than one color; usually when people dye their hair blue, purple, etc. it looks more unnatural than it should because the hair is literally one solid color instead of different hues like real hair is. :)

  9. Perfect mermaid colour! How on earth does your hair still look so healthy after bleaching it?!?

  10. Love it! I had my hair turquoise and black for a while :)

  11. your hair looks gorgeous! i bet fishbowl will look lovely on you too xx

  12. OMG Lily I adore this colour on you! Man I wish I had the balls to do that to my own hair, I'm just such a scaredy cat, I mean sure I've dyed it but bleach?! Even the thought sends me into a panic lol. My dream hair would be lavender blonde or ombre multicoloured ends with turquoise, blues, pinks and purples. Maybe one day I'll do it .......


  13. @ Zoe, I think Directions is one of the cheapest out there now! One up from Stargazer dyes - which are useless. I think Directions are fast becoming my favourite brand for funky colours, though!

    @ Jenny, thank you :D

    @ Sylvie, thanks! Love turquoise hair! I almost went for purple instead myself!

    @ moonchild, thanks!

    @ T.Rose, thank you! I think you'd look awesome with ruby red hair :P

    @ Annamax, try it out! The first time you bleach your hair is kinda scary, after that - a breeze!

    @ Gaby, she's lucky she got away with it! We were always put on report/ hidden away at school if we had fun hair :/

    @ Laurie, thanks!

    @ Danielle, thanks!

    @ Sue :D

    @ Ess-Jay24, thank you chuck!

    @ Philly, haha, thanks! Can't wait til it's long enough to dye my whole head...

    @ Elizabeth, thanks! I think the main reason I've gotten bored with funky colours before is due to the blockiness of them. I'll definitely be mixing hues in future like with this dye job.

    @ Aoife, it feels fairly dry and will definitely need a trim, but hair oils (Ojon and Macadamia oil) definitely help!

    @ IPaintMyWorld, thanks!

    @ Phyrra, one of my fave combos!

    @ Caroline, thank you, I'm so excited to try Fishbowl out!

    @ The Beauty Diaries, JUST GO FOR IT! Maybe start by just bleaching a strip into the underside near the front. The first time I bleached my hair I did the whole head and then dyed it neon red haha. I bet a multi coloured ombre would look epic!

  14. it's beautiful!!! and so are you ^^

    Merry Christmas!

  15. wow, the coolest hair ever!
    I only have a blue highligh in mine, but you made me wanna go for the whole thing haha!

  16. I knew you wouldn't hold out, lol! I was surprised you lasted as long as you did. Looks great though!

  17. Love those colors! Now I really want to dip dye my hair. Just don't think my workplace would appreciate it!

  18. I use the directions pillar box red on my hair every few weeks, the hairdresser said its one of the best things to use on it hair as its mega conditioning! Leave it on for as long as you can!!!


  19. AHH I loves it!! & I know how tempting it can be when there are dyes lying around screaming to be used!!

  20. @ Nanethiel, aw, thank you!

    @ EyeGraffiti, do iiit! I only have the underside of mine dyed, but plan to dye it all once it's longer :)

    @ Wendy, haha, you know I have no will power!

    @ KellyNoelle, see if you can get away with it :P

    @ Terri, definitely! I love veggi dyes since they are so gentle.

    @ Madame B Fatale, haha, love the turquoise on your display pic :P

  21. Did you mix the two colours with conditioner and then put it in your hair or did you put them in your hair separately?

  22. @ Darcy, I grabbed chunks and applied the dyes alternately to the chunks straight from the pot.


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