A Little Reminder...

"What is bad for the body is good for the soul."

In moderation (if you want to take the fun out of it). I love this saying because it can be applied to anything! And makes being naughty a bit more acceptable. I usually use it to make people go against their better judgement - because I'm a good friend like that.

Friend - Aw, I really want a triple chocolate, double caramel, syrup topped, double cream centred, iced cherry chocolate cake with extra sugar.
Me - Sounds good - you should wash it down with some cider.
Friend - Oh, but I'm on a diet...
Me - Ludicrous! Do you not know that cake and cider are good for the soul?!

Y'see. It works every time! So this Christmas I say 'Hell to moderation!' because you only live once.

What's your favourite way to be naughty? When is being naughty justified? Keep it clean, guuuys...


  1. I'm going to get the godamn cookies :P

  2. Being naughty -- definitely indulging in food that is bad for me! I think it's ok to do it once in a while, or, uh everyday when I'm on my period ;)

    Also buying makeup I don't need. Which is only ok for my birthday or when I get paid, um, both which won't happen for a while!

  3. That looks delicious, mmmmmm! x

  4. TREAT YO SELF! Did you get it all down you? I hope so! We've done a tin of Roses in a week in our house. :-) x

  5. After a long week, if i have the energy to crawl into Sainsburys I'll buy a box of mini doughnuts. And spend a friday night, eating like half the box and watching teevee. Sad part is, I always feel sick afterwards. (Totally worth it though. haha) x

  6. Absolutely! I think it's good to have what you really really want if you really do want it, not just mindlessly eat it, then eat well the rest of the time. Chocolate is my treat :)

  7. I think I like you. You're definitely my kinda girl.
    I made flapjack today instead of writing my essay. I've eaten five pieces so far :S That's pretty naughty...


  8. Well, I am sitting here having chocolate for breakfast! It's justified because I had to get up early on my day off :P

  9. Tasting leftover dessert in the morning before I have breakfast is a naughty habit of mine. Love that saying btw


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