What I Learnt in London

Friday night saw me travelling all the way from 'up int Norf' to 'daan Saaf' with some uni friends; I hadn't been to London in yeeears so was rather excited! We spent most of the weekend just wondering around the city in a mixture of amazement and confusion...

Along the way I learnt some valuable (and some not so valuable) little lessons...

1. If you don't know where you're going, pretend you do.
2. I feel festive all through the year - not just Christmas time!
3. It's rare to find a Londoner in London.

4. Cheap chardonnay is an awful idea.
5. Cheap chardonnay is an excellent idea.
 6. Chocolate, coconut and cream crepes are delicious...just don't drip the sauce down yourself!

7. Bubble tea is the bomb diggity.
8. Astronaut food tastes like muesli.
9. Seaweed is a very versatile form of plant life.


10. Market sellers are scary, 'MIXNMATCHCHINESELOVELY?!'
11. J'ai eu trop de vin.
12. Spur of the moment decisions are always the best kind.

I had so much fun and can't wait to visit again! Hopefully I can meet some of you lovely lot next time :)


  1. Ahh i absolutely laaaarve trips to London!! I went on a very tiring last min trip a few weeks ago for a uni open day and it was si much fun....going again in feb for a college trip for a few nights....SOOOOO excited!! x

  2. I live just outside of London and I can agree that there are no londoners in london! My parents are Londoners in Herts! x

  3. Best City in the WORLD!

    I love love love love living here :)


  4. I love London! Totally agree about the just pretending you know where you're going thing too :)

    I'm going on Saturday for the Bloggers Meet so excited! xx

  5. Totally agree about acting like you know where you're going, everyone seems to walk with such an urgency of purpose that I felt like I was going to get bowled over as a naive tourist.

  6. I love london a lot more since I left the UK- I can appreciate it a bit better when I do visit! Sounds like you had a great time :) xxx

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  7. Ohh i love London and its only like a train away but i hardly ever go there. Glad you had a good time!


  8. I love this post, particularly 4 and 5, never a truer word spoke haha xx


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