Trevor Sorbie Manchester Salon Experience

A little while ago, I was invited to the rather swanky Trevor Sorbie hair salon in Manchester for a blow dry. Nestled behind Market Street in a maze of gray, dull office buildings, Trevor Sorbie's gleaming white interior beams out on to the street.

I bundled in (a bit flustered after storming from the train station), received a friendly greeting and sunk into a seat in the waiting area, watching the hair dressers around the room getting to work. The salon was busy with staff and customers, but the atmosphere was so relaxed - I was genuinely surprised!

I was then whisked away to a work station, where May, who usually works on the art team, assessed the state of my hair. The work areas were extremely neat and clean, with huge mirrors and bright lighting so I could clearly see everything going on around me. After discussing the style I usually go for and condition of my hair, May worked out which products would be best for me before showing me to the basin area, where my mop got a thorough wash and condition. Time for a blow dry!

May worked her magic in what seemed like no time - that really shocked me since my hair is so thick! We chatted away with Katie (part of Trevor Sorbie's PR team), and I think it was the first time 'hair dresser talk' hasn't been awkward - perhaps because they both so clearly love their jobs! At one point, Katie ushered over the man himself, Trevor Sorbie, who was visiting the salon for the morning and introduced me! He was extremely friendly and warm, bobbing around talking to his customers and staff as they worked.

As soon as I stepped outside, with lovely, swishy, shiny hair...the heavens opened. Luckily, cramming it into my hat and hoping for the best didn't have *too much* of a bad effect - but as you can imagine, these photos don't really do May's handy work any justice!

If it's a sleek, modern, hair salon you're after with highly trained, passionate, skilled staff - I'd highly recommend Trevor Sorbie Manchester - I know I'll be returning there for my next cut!

Blow dry received free of charge for blogging purposes. As always, this does not effect my opinion - BBHB writes the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!


  1. I went to this too, the blog dry I got was really fab, especially given that my hair is so knackered!

  2. I love it - your hair looks amazing. I usually worry about going somewhere new but really tempted to go now.

  3. Your hair looks lovely.
    This salon sounds really great and Trevor Sorbie products are so so good!

  4. Your hair looks so lovely and shiny!


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