NOTD - Super Glittery Holo Nails

Lately I've been getting into quite sheer, girly, 'grown up' polishes - strange for me, as I'm normally into vampy, gothy shades! I think sheers are starting to appeal to me because they're so easy to maintain and nobody will notice a sly smudge or a few little chips...

Base Colour - Barbara Daly 'Princess'
Fine Glitter -  Models Own 'Juicy Jules'
Chunky Glitter - Barry M 'Hologram'

I applied this yesterday evening and haven't been able to stop looking at my nails since! I love all the sparks of colour - they make typing and computer work way prettier :) 100x glitzier 'in real life', but the lack of Sun makes photographing glitter even harder than usual!

What are your favourite sheer polishes? Favourite glitter polishes?


  1. I love this! I'm so jealous as I have yet to get the Barry M glitter polish!

  2. My favourite sparklies are 'Let me entertain you' by OPI which is a gorgeous plummy pinky red with fine sparkles, and the accessorize bronze and pink spice, such good quality, and cheap too!

  3. So pretty.

    I've been experimenting with all my glitters and the Barry M Hologram polish on top of OPI's Teenage Dream looks sooo good :)


  4. That's so pretty! Looks all ice princess. I so want to recreate that look :) x

  5. Looks like heaven on a NY's eve :D

  6. Its not a glitter polish but i really love Andrea fullertons gemstone over coat!

    Ive been looking for the barry m hologram one but havent been able to find it, its lovely though

  7. Fav glitter is Confetti's Tazmanian Devil... supposedly a DL Happy Birthday dupe. It's just got ALL the glitter!

  8. This is sooo pretty!

    I love it

    xo Jenn

  9. Gosh Rainbowwwwwwwww... and the Confetti one Robyn mentioned.


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