MISSION MERMAID - Coloured Hair Inspiration

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Love, love, love the colour of 1 - looks like faded out SFX 'Fishbowl'... 2 was created with Directions dyes, which gives me hope since I have Directions 'Turquoise' and 'Midnight Blue' sitting at home! 3 - holy cow. Gorgeous or what? I wouldn't suit the colour, but the length is only a tad longer than what I'm aiming for.

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4 - wig/ extensions but whatever, the colour is stunning! Again, looks like SFX 'Fishbowl'. 5 is probably what I'll do with mine once it's grown, so that I don't need to bleach it all! The colour looks identical to mine when I dyed it SFX 'Sonic Green'.

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Couldn't do an inspiration post without the lady in 6 - Raquel Reed! She's the one who started my blue/ green hair obsession and ultimately lead me on my #missionmermaid. She has been known to use SFX 'Fishbowl' and Manic Panic 'Turquoise' on her locks. 7 - what an amazing colour! Looks like fresh SFX 'Fishbowl'...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. YOU GUYS SHOULDN'T LET ME DO THIS. By 'this', I mean searching Google for hair inspiration pictures...Of course, it started innocently, me just looking for pictures of girls with long hair. Then girls with blue hair. Then green. I kinda want super pale hair now. I wouldn't suit it, though...I don't think my hair would lift enough. Maybe I'll experiment with the underside of my fringe this weekend...

This tumblr is awesome for hair colour inspo.


  1. I love the green hair!

    You make me want to dye mine green too :) I have a bottle of green RAW dye left from years ago, and I sometimes still dye a few streaks green, but in a more subtle way than in my teens.

  2. I love the colour in the first pic! I really want to experiemnt with colour but i've spent years trying to get the black out of my hair and dont wanna mess it up again, lol


  3. That Tumblr re blogged a picture of my Turquoise Ombre haha. You should go for it :) xx

  4. Beautiful hair color pics!! I have been adding an electric navy blue in highlights to the underside of my hair. I'm able to cover it up pretty well when I need to look "normal" or I can pull it back and rock the blue. The only thing I don't like is how fast it fades to a smurf blue. I need to get it re-freshed every 3 to 4 weeks.

  5. this was the colour I was going for a while back but I bought manic panic turquoise, first and last time I buy manic panic, didnt like it at all, I used it on bleached hair and it was a really washed out colour and all patchy, had to go get directions the next day and dye it with that, definately stick to directions especially since manic panic is like £10 and directions £3.99

  6. Loving all of these pics! I think #2 is amazing! And #7 is so fun! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  7. This picture is making me want to color my hair pink again ;___;

  8. Those are soo freaking pretty, I'm definitely in love but I can't let myself get obsessed haha! I think the ombre style would be perfect, good luck experimenting!

  9. I love this style and the ombre trend, great pics!


  10. My housemate has turquoise/green hair, shes kept it up for over a year now! When its fresh it looks lovely but its pretty high maintainence! Patience required! :)



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