Manchester New Year Meet Up!

About time we Manchester/ Northern bloggers got together for a little fun :) Everyone who can make it is invited and you're more than welcome to join us at any point in the day!

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Friday 30th December, we'll meet up in Manchester Piccadilly train station at 11am. Once you confirm you're definitely coming, I'll email you my number so everyone can contact me through the day.

Lunch - At The Slug and Lettuce at the end of Market Street. I'll need numbers confirmed for sure so I can book us a table!

Shopping - Because, duh, it's Manchester and would be silly not to! Selfridges, The Arndale, Northern Quarter, vintage stores...We'll just go by wherever people fancy stopping off since I know Christmas often drains the dollah and student loans wont have arrived by then!

Ice Skating - Ice skating at Spinning Fields, which costs around £8.50 though if there is a bunch of us I'm sure I could get us a deal!

Drinks - After such a busy day, I'm sure we all deserve a drink or eight at one of the many bars dotted around the city centre to round the day off perfectly! Please bring ID if you're coming for drinks :)

Anyone who blogs/ reads blogs/ friends of bloggers/ boyfriends/ girlfriends/ family etc etc. Basically, ANYONE who wants to come is more than welcome! I'll be bringing along my boyfriend, so blokes are very welcome too!

Email me lily175[at] so I can contact you with any more information or help out with travel. Include your name and blog URL so i can make a list of who is attending to post nearer the time! I will be after confirmation that you are definitely attending by December 20th so I can book a table for lunch and book tickets for ice skating. PLEASE don't say you are coming if you're not 100% certain!

So far myself (obviously), @msdriftedsw, @pixievoltaire, @abloggingbloke and @lodzTBB will certainly be there with lots of interest from others to join us too!

Use the #mancblogmeet hashtag on twitter for general questions and so on :)

Thanks guys - hope to see you soon!


  1. Hmm I may convince my boyfriend to come with me! I live in Birmingham so what time roughly would it finish so we could get the train back?


  2. Hi Joselin, it'll probably end around 5/6ish :)

  3. I would have loved to come but I'm kinda busy...GETTING MARRIED!! :) Hope you all have a fab day xx

  4. I've just sent you an email, it sound like a great day i'd love to come x

  5. @ The Brunette, aw, how exciting! Have a lovely day :)

    @ Danielle, ace I'll go and check my emails now :)

  6. Sounds like a great idea, would be great to meet other bloggers! I would love to come, might try and persuade the boyfriend....he has just started a blog too!

    Edie xx

  7. Wish I lived closer but I hope you all have a fab time!!

    Sarah xx

  8. @ Edie, hope you guys can make it!

    @ Sarah, thanks!

  9. What a great idea, it's great that our other halfs& friends are welcome too, it makes it kind of a blogger outreach! I'm not sure if I'll be home 4 new years but

  10. Sounds great - I'll try and make it depending on family plans.

    In the meantime, in case you are interested there is another Manchester meet up happening this coming weekend on Sarurday..? xx

  11. @ Eve, haha, I like the idea of a 'blogger outreach'! Emai me once you know :)

    @ Dani, excellent! Email me once you know, would be lovely to catch up. Yes! Somebody linked me to the one this Saturday once I'd started to arrange this - hadn't even known it was happening. Unfortunately I can't make it as weekends are the only time I really get to see my boyfriend.

  12. I'd love to come and meet some other bloggers :) I shall email you!


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