FOTD - Shadows and Contours

Sometime last week I popped over to Illamasqua's counter at Selfridges Exchange square in Manchester on the hunt for the perfect contour shade. I wanted a cream foundation, since to my eyes cream contouring products give the most natural finish. I figured that with aaaaaall the foundation shades and aaaaall the blush shades, I'd definitely find something...

[[ Soz webcam pics, but the lip colour comes out truer on them! ]]

Well, I was wrong. I left empty handed and feeling a bit awkward after picking apart all of the poor sales assistant's suggestions - she really did try her best to help, but none of the shades were quite right. 

Illamasqua seemingly have no cool shades that would work well as a contour for me :( Yes, I'm warm toned, but warm tones give a bronzed look whereas cool tones give the effect of shadows...I was quite surprised since their shade range is so expansive!

So, I dug about in my make-up and figured I'd try and mix something up. I ended up mixing a cool toned Ben Nye blush and a warm Sleek blush and trying that out. Too warm, of course, but I guess I'm one step closer to modelesque cheekbones?! Right? Riiiiight?! *sigh*

EYES - Too Faced shimmery peach, Fyrinnae 'Centre Stage' highlighter, Stargazer permanent eyeliner pen, mascara, Too Faced 'Suede' eyeshadow, Sleek 'Suede' blush, Ben Nye cool brown blush, Barry M eye pencil.

FACE - No.7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation, Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection' concealer, Collection 2000 face powder, Ben Nye cool brown blush, Sleek 'Suede' blush, Fyrinnae 'Centre Stage' highlighter.

LIPS - Webcam pics use MAC 'Price Noir' and Collection 2000 'Damson' lipliner. Camera pic I added Darling Girl 'Vampire's Kiss' gloss.

Anyone have suggestions for contour shades for me? What do you use?


  1. omg love your webcam pics. you're so pretty on them! xx

  2. I don't know if it would work for you but I actually like to use MAC Studio Sculpt Stick in their darkest shade to contour (even though I'm an nc25) and I find it works really well. In fact I find it works really well on most skin tones, even very pale skinned girls as it's all down to blending. I just blend like a mad woman and somehow it works!

  3. Not much help, but I use the darker side of macs LE 'happy together' or a MSF in a darker shade, both powders tho! sorry! I love this lip colour though!
    Belle du Brighton

  4. Gorgeous! I use MAC MSFN in Deep Dark to contour...never tried cream products

  5. Did the Illamasqua girl show you their cream colour in Hollow? That one is definitely cool toned, to the point it looks almost grey on me. And I know you're mainly after creams, but Benefit Hoola powder is also fab. It's my daily contour shade and I'm around NC25.

  6. You look gorgeous in these webcam pictures. I might actually go buy that lipcolour now...

  7. lovely look!
    loving the lips ALOT!!

  8. I adore your makeup! as for contouring, i am completely new to it so I wish I could help!

  9. Wowzers, your eyeliner is amazing!

  10. Even though you haven't found the perfect shade yet you still look gorgeous!!

  11. I love your entire makeup look, it's awesome!

    As for contouring dilemmas, I've lately been using either MAC Omega eyeshadow, or Fyrinnae bronzer in matte light. I've had good results with both on my med-light-warm-ish skin :)


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